ALLEN System

ALLEN System

Our Unique Pedagogy

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The ALLEN System's ability to adjust and adapt to change provides the best value addition in students' journey towards excellence and accomplishment. Our System's distinct teaching and learning approaches ensure that students achieve the right combination of effective learning and academic success in school and in their pursuit of top-tier higher education institutions around the world. Millions of parents all over the world have put their trust in the ALLEN System, and it has acted as a guiding light for our future endeavors.

Orientation Session


Classroom Session

Periodic Tests & Results


Mentoring & Support

Orientation Session
  • Introduction to ALLEN's culture
  • Incorporating them in the ALLEN environment
  • Relationship building between students & faculty
  • Prepare students for a successful career with a clear vision
Open Session
  • Engage students
  • Students & faculty feedback
  • Develop speaking skills
  • Control classroom environment.
Classroom Session
  • Best-in-Class digital/physical Classrooms
  • Comprehensive Study Material
  • Values-driven Education
  • School-Exam Guidance
  • Physical/Emotional Wellbeing sessions
Periodic Tests & Results
  • Multi-Dimensional Performance Analysis
  • Faculty Feedback System
  • Periodic Test Awards
  • Computer Based Tests
  • Test-Analysis and Strategy Session
Doubt Removal Session
  • Solve queries of personalized course
  • Focus on weak points
  • Concepts revised
  • Remove pre-examination jitters
Mentoring & Support
  • Academic Tips and Tricks by Subject Matter Experts
  • Motivational Session by Sr. Management
  • Assessment Classes
  • Parent Teacher Meetings