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What is the best way to prepare for BOARDS in the Current Situation?

    Home / Blog / What is the best way to prepare for BOARDS in the Current Situation?

What is the best way to prepare for BOARDS in the Current Situation?

  • ALLEN Overseas
  • April 28, 2022
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In present times, with the pandemic disturbing our lives, our studies getting disorganized, we all are trying to find a solution that aids us in acing our academics. The authorized bodies have taken steps to support students- the syllabus has been modified, and the exam pattern has changed. Still, we need to get more confident about preparing incredibly without any glitches.

With every student fixing his/ her attention at performing incredibly in the board exams and trying to manage, the clouds of worry hovering over their heads. ALLEN Overseas is here to offer the best solutions to resolve all concerns about the coming BOARD examinations.

Instead of worrying and getting anxious, ALLEN would like to advise students to use the following TIPS for the BOARD Exam to be held after 2 months:

Plan your DAILY Schedule:

When you wake up, you need to make up a schedule and follow it strictly. Your daily schedule should be made following your strength and weakness, subject-wise. For example, if you are already well versed with Biology, give the least time to Biology, keep it for revision. However, subjects that need regular practice, like Math, should be given at least 25% of your study time.

Practice, Practice & Lot of Practice is the Key:

Exams like Board measures every skill of your knowledge and presentation. Perfection in both could be achieved only after solving many TIME Bounded MOCK Sample Papers of all Subjects. Write the way you would be writing in BOARD Exams- in readable and eligible handwriting, proper formations, and including all the essential points. This will prepare you beforehand, help analyze your mistakes and keep checks on your presenting answers like writing legitimately, drawing neat diagrams, underlining important aspects of answers, etc.

Follow NCERT Books:

You may have studied through many reference books. But in this crucial time, follow ONLY NCERT books and comprehend each and every concept of the book.

Make proper NOTES:

You must highlight important concepts and words and reproduce these concepts in the form of NOTES. When exams approach, don’t focus on learning everything new, instead, follow your notes and then practice Sample Papers.

STAY Healthy:

Avoid any outside food, fast/junk foods, and oily food. Eat a lot of fruits and stay hydrated all the time. This may seem trivial, but the more oxygenated your body is, the more you would be able to concentrate and recall answers. Take proper rest, and you must take at least 7 hours and at most 8.5 hours of sleep. Before Exam day, avoid studying late at night because it will exhaust your brain, and you may not be able to recall answers on exam time.

During Exam:

Read all the instructions carefully, write answers carefully and avoid cutting off answers, try answering in sequence as it shows your confidence to the evaluator, ALWAYS review your answers before submission of your answer sheet, better keep 15 minutes in hand at last.

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