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Learn out 'Learning'

A Session by Experienced ALLEN UAE Faculty

29th July'23, Saturday, 6:30 UAE Time

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    Break the Shackles of Doubts

    Find Answers to All Your Struggles

    About The Webinar

    Every student faces questions about the purpose of education and choosing the right path for their dreams. Questions like "What is the purpose of Studying several subjects ?" "If I have to be an Engineer, why study Biology ?" "I am scared of Math, am I fit ONLY for taking Medical stream ?" are some of the common worries.

    However, most of the time, these questions remain unanswered, which can affect various important academic and career decisions in your life. This webinar, Learn out Learning aims to answer these questions, which we often overlook.


    Key Highlights :

    • Renowned ALLEN UAE Faculty
    • Direct Interaction with the Experts
    • Career Guidance & Counselling
    • Question & Answer Session

    Put an end to all your Concerns, Doubts & Worries

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