Senior Management

ALLEN Overseas borrows its soul from the value system of ALLEN Career Institute. We realize the longstanding gap that exists in quality education not only in India but globally as well. Especially for the NRI parents who are planning for their children’s higher education, be it India or Abroad. In our pursuit to offer the pedagogical high standards of ALLEN to the global student community in their journey towards success, we have a range of course offerings to help both types of students – the ones, who are planning India as their higher education destination and want to appear for various engineering and medical entrance exams, and others, who are planning for any other destination abroad (be it the US, the UK, Australia, Canada, or any other country) for higher studies. Our Pre-Nurture Career Foundation division aims at developing the aptitude of a student and provides enough exposure to decide upon his/her future career path.

Chetan Dixit
Vikram Bharadwaj

We work on three Principles:

    • 1. The best faculties/trainers
    • 2. Highly accurate and apt study material
  • 3. The best learning experience for our students when they enter the ALLEN ecosystem, either physically or digitally.

These principles are the basis of our well-organized and structured institute. The natural outcome of this system is that students experience significant self-improvement and naturally get better results/outcomes in whatever they are aiming at. Having completed their education from IIM Bangalore and IIFT Delhi, our senior management places their utmost priority in ensuring the best academic ecosystem is made available to the students right from their formative years for holistic personality development.

We are committed to bringing our high-quality education and learning standards and the complete ALLEN ecosystem to the global student community so that students and parents will have a trusted partner in their journey towards a successful future.