Teaching Methodology

ALLEN’S After School Pre Nurture Course

ALLEN’S PRE-NURTURE AND CAREER FOUNDATION offers courses for various Competitive Exams and Olympiads for the students of classes 6th to 10th. It fosters Creativity, Scientific Thinking, Competitive Temperament and Divergent Aptitude in the students by means of our Classroom Contact Programs and Workshops.

Excellence In Academics

Excellence in Academics is the demonstrated ability to perform, achieve, and/or excel in scholastic activities.


Aptitude is the natural ability to learn particular activity quickly and easily. We're all familiar with aptitude.


Exposure to various aspects of the world around us helps to dream big.


In every human some skills are natural and some are developed through training.

Language Proficiency

Effective use of language is very important to get yourself noticed and well recognized in the society