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TALLENTPRO Pre-Nurture & Career Foundation

For Class 6th to 10th
PNCF Division

TALLENTPRO Pre-Nurture & Career Foundation

ALLEN's Pre-Nurture & Career Foundation (Class 6th to 10th Foundation Courses, NTSE & Olympiads) offers Foundation courses and also prepares students of classes 6th to 10th for various Competitive Exams and Olympiads. It fosters Creativity, Critical and Scientific Thinking, Competitive Temperament and Divergent Aptitude in the students by means of our Foundation Programs and Workshops.

Our holistic learning approach ensures the success/improvement of students of class 6th to 10th in their school exams, boards, NTSE and several Indian/Global Olympiads such as NSEP/NSEB/NSEC/NSEA, IJSO, NMTC, RMO and private Olympiads like IMO, NSO, NSTSE, etc.

Overseas Pre-Nurture and Career Foundation courses have been specially designed with a view to prepare NRI students of class 6th to 10th by building a firm foundation of every concept of Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and Mental Ability. Our PNCF courseware gradually transforms a student's learning from the foundation to the excellent level and ensures a concrete conceptual base which helps the students emerge successful in formal school academics and grasp extremely complex concepts of competitive examinations in future very easily. The periodic tests at ALLEN are planned in such a manner which evaluates the profundity of student's learning and the multidimensional analysis reports of the test give a microscopic feedback to student on areas or subjects which need to be worked upon and improved.

We work towards utilizing the complete potential of our students. Our experienced faculty team, comprehensive study material, periodic tests and multidimensional analysis ensure the sound academic development of our 6th to 10th class NRI students. Their social, cultural, creative and scientific development is also taken care of via regular workshops, career guidance, motivational seminars, national and international academic events etc.

Along with the school level studies, PNCF students are thus geared up for competitive examinations like NTSE and various Indian/Global Olympiads. We bring concrete changes in the persona of students and powerfully in still all essentials of success in their minds to prepare them for the competitive environment in studies and in life.

"We prepare Students for Life".