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Login Related

Ans. If you're facing login issues on the digital platform, visit the login page and click on the "Forgot Password" option. Follow the prompts to reset your password. This process will help you regain access to your account. Please watch the video from this link for your reference YouTube link. Watch Now screenshot

Ans. We recommended to clearing your browser cache and signing in using incognito mode. This can help resolve any temporary issues that might be causing the portal to not load properly.
Private Browser : CTRL + SHIFT + N to enable the incognito mode
Clearing Browser History/Cache : Go to settings > privacy & security > clear browsing history & clear cache screenshot

Classes Related

Ans. If you're facing this issue, we recommend uninstalling and reinstalling the Allen Overseas App. It's possible that the version on your device is not up to date, causing compatibility issues. After reinstalling the app, make sure to log in with your credentials and attempt to join the class again. If the problem persists, please check for any available app updates or contact us at : WhatsApp Support

Ans. To view recorded sessions, log in to the digital platform using Once logged in, navigate to the schedule and click on the specific date to access the recorded session you want to watch. This will provide you with convenient access to previously recorded content for review and reference. screenshot

Ans. To access details about your regular classes, log in to the digital platform and click on the date from the schedule. This will provide you with information regarding your upcoming and ongoing regular classes. screenshot

Ans. To catch up on missed classes, you can access all the recorded sessions by visiting the following link: screenshot

Ans. . If you encounter the "Participant Already Exists" error, please log out from all tabs, close them, and wait for 2-3 minutes. Afterward, try opening the class link in incognito mode. This should help resolve the issue. If the problem persists, contact us at : WhatsApp Support

Ans. To resolve the issue you're facing with joining classes on your tablet, please download our Allen Overseas app. This should provide a smoother and more optimized experience for accessing classes. If you encounter any further difficulties, feel free to reach out us at : WhatsApp Support

Ans. This might be due to your device setting. For better assistance, kindly contact us at : WhatsApp Support screenshot

Ans. In such cases, we recommend the student to troubleshoot by checking their internet connectivity.

Test Related

Ans. If you encounter this problem, try refreshing the page to resolve the issue and proceed with attempting the test. Refreshing the page often helps in addressing temporary glitches and ensures a smoother experience during the test. If the problem persists, please ensure your internet connection is stable and contact us at : WhatsApp Support

Ans. If you have missed the test, no need to worry. Access the question paper and answer key in the "Test & Report" section by the end of the day for self-assessment. Review the content and check your answers independently. For any questions or assistance, contact us at : WhatsApp Support screenshot

Ans. If you're unable to find the start button to begin the exam, please try scrolling down the page. Additionally, consider zooming out on the page to ensure all elements are visible. The Start Exam Button will be visible after the countdown is over! screenshot

Ans. You can refer to this informative video tutorial on checking incorrect answers in your test: YouTube link - It provides detailed steps and explanations to help you identify and review your incorrectly answered questions efficiently.

Ans. In case of accidental submission, you can use the self-assessment feature. The test paper and answer key will be available after the exam, allowing you to review and assess the questions at your convenience.

Ans. We advised the student that choosing "Save and Next" instead of "Mark and Review" might have caused the responses not to save properly.

Digital Material Related

Ans. If you're experiencing issues with module visibility on the application, we recommend uninstalling the app, reinstalling it, and logging in again. This should resolve any syncing issues and ensure you have access to all the modules. If the problem persists, feel free to reach out to us at : WhatsApp Support


Ans. Login to your Allen account using this link:
Login Here to complete your profile and add the necessary information


Ans. We recommended clearing the browser cache and logging in again. This should resolve the issue, allowing them to view and submit the feedback form.

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