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NTSE Syllabus Overview:

The NTSE Syllabus plays a vital role in students’ preparation. It is one of the most essential components to scoring good marks in the exam. NTSE Syllabus (NTSE Phase I Syllabus & Phase II Syllabus) is provided here so students can prepare better for the exam. The NTSE exam is strictly conducted for students studying in Class X. Only Class X students (below 18 years of age) can appear for the exam.

NTSE syllabus is divided into two stages, each having objective-type questions. They are diversified into two groups: MAT and SAT.

The Mental Ability Test (MAT):

The Mental Ability Test (MAT) evaluates a student’s problem-solving and logical reasoning abilities. It quickly evaluates their mental sharpness. These abilities are measured using a variety of questions such as data analytics, shape problems, verbal and nonverbal reasoning, and so on. In addition, it examines a student’s general approach to mapping and problem-solving and tests their thought process.

NTSE MAT Syllabus: Verbal Reasoning

The topics important for MAT Syllabus are mentioned below:

Analogy Puzzle Test Alphabet Test
Classification Logical Venn diagrams Blood relations
Series Logical sequence of words Verification of truth of the statement
Coding-Decoding Problems on clocks Analytical Reasoning
Direction Sense Test Series completion test Arithmetical reasoning test
Mathematical operations Inserting a missing character  


NTSE MAT Syllabus: Non-Verbal Reasoning

The topics important for MAT Syllabus are mentioned below:

Classification Series Analogy
Transparent paper folding Embedded figure Dot fixing situation
Analytical Reasoning Water images Problems on cubes and dice
Incomplete Figures Folding Papercutting  


Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT):

This section tests the student’s knowledge in subjects like Science, Mathematics and Social Science. The syllabus will be similar to classes IX and X.

Subject-wise NTSE Syllabus for SAT Examination:

The SAT consists of 100 math, science, and social science questions for 100 marks.

NTSE Exam Subject Wise Marks Includes

  • Science – 40 Marks
  • Mathematics – 20 Marks
  • Social Science – 40 marks

The detailed NTSE SAT Exam syllabus is mentioned below

NTSE Science Syllabus
Acid, bases, and salt Soil Heredity and evolution
Air Sound Our environment
Carbon and its compounds Structure of atom Physical and chemical changes
The cellular level of organisation Water Reproduction
Diversity in living organisms Magnetism & electricity at work Some common diseases
Fibers and plastics Measurements Source of Energy
Food production & management Metals and non-metals The Universe
Microorganism Light Work and energy
Periodic classification of elements Life process  
Plant and animal nutrition Human body  
NTSE Mathematics Syllabus
Algebraic expressions Simple interest & compound interest Number system
Arithmetic Statistics Mensuration
Arithmetic progressions Triangle Linear equation
Basic geometry Rational numbers Square root & cube root
Circles Quadratic equation Surface areas and volumes
Coordinate geometry Probability Trigonometry
Direct & inverse variation Playing with numbers  
Exponent Percentage & its application  
NTSE Social Science Syllabus
History Civics Geology
Culture, science, and literature Democracy Agriculture
Early medieval period Diversity and livelihood Atmosphere
Indus valley civilization The economic presence of the government Industries
Introduction and sources of ancient Indian history India and its neighbors The internal structure of the earth and rocks
Jainism, Buddhism, and conquerors from distant lands Indian constitution Major domains and landforms
Medieval architecture and culture State government Maps and globe
National movement The judiciary The motion of the earth
New empires and kingdoms UN and international agencies Natural vegetation
Popular movements and social reforms Union government Our country-India
Revolt of 1857   Our environment
The Maurya’s   Resources and development
    Solar system
NTSE General Knowledge Syllabus
Abbreviations Books and Authors Sports
Awards and Recognitions India World
NTSE Mental Ability  Syllabus
Alphabet and Number Test Direction Sense Series (Verbal)
Analogy (Verbal) Embedded Figure Series (Non – Verbal)
Analogy (Non-Verbal) Figure Partition and Dot Situation Venn Diagrams
Blood Relations Missing Character Water and Mirror Images
Calendar, Time and Clock Mathematical Operations Word Problems
Coding-Decoding Ranking and Arrangements Classification


NTSE Syllabus – Books:

Using a good preparation book is counted among the most essential steps in any test preparation. When looking for good books, you’ll find thousands of NTSE preparation books available in bookstores and on the internet. Still, it’s futile to begin reading or skimming through each one. Because the NCERT administers the exam, the best books to prepare for the exam are those published by the NCERT. In any case, most students want to read additional books to learn more. To assist you in your search for the best books, we have compiled a list of the most effective and popular NTSE Exam Books that have helped students prepare for their exams more efficiently.

  • Study Package for NTSE Class X (English) I & II Edition
  • A Comprehensive Manual for NTSE for Class X (English)
  • Study Guide for NTSE National Talent Search Exam Class X (English)
  • Practice Test Papers for NTSE Class X First Edition
  • Pearson’s Guide to NTSE Class X (English) First Edition
  • Lakshya NTSE Class X Phase I & II Solved Papers (2015 – 19)

NTSE Syllabus – Key Tips for Preparation:

Students can follow the following points to increase the efficiency of preparation.

  • Study the NTSE syllabus thoroughly and make yourself aware of the exam pattern.
  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses and work on your weak areas.
  • Create an effective revision plan and practice mock tests.
  • Revise daily and solve previous year’s papers.

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