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Guideline to Fill Form :

  • 1. Image Quality:

    Upload a clear and sharp passport-sized photo, ensuring proper lighting. Please avoid clicking image of Hard Copy Photographs available.

  • 2. Format:

    JPEG, PNG, or PDF formats are accepted.

  • 3. Background:

    Use a plain, light-coloured background.

  • 4. Pose:

    Neutral facial expression, facing the camera.

  • 5. Attire:

    Wear formal attire or school uniform.

  • 6. No Filters:

    Do not use filters or editing.

  • 7. Consent:

    By submitting the image, the uploader/parent/student grants permission to ALLEN to use it in relevant promotional material of ALLEN Overseas.

  • 8. Deadline:

    The image must be submitted on or before 2 December 2023.

  • 9. Discretionary Use:

    Images may be used for promotional purposes by ALLEN Overseas only, acknowledging the achievement of the student.

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