Coaching or Self-Study: Comparison Stats wise

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  • November 24, 2023

Every year, the biggest dilemma faced by students is whether they should join the coaching institute in their pursuit of higher education or opt for self-study. Similarly, parents wonder which is better coaching or self study for their ward. The question holds uttermost importance as your or your child’s future depends on it.

The presence of coaching institutes around every nook and corner of the world suggests that the self study vs coaching battle is dominated by coaching institutes but that’s not the case.

As per the data released by IIT Delhi, among all the qualified candidates of JEE Advanced 2013, only 48% had done their preparation with coaching institutes, and the rest 52% candidates qualified the exam with self-study only. Moreover, here are the statistics of the aspirants who appeared with self-study vs aspirants who appeared with coaching institutes.

Region / Zone Coaching students % Self Study students %
All India 48% 52%
Bombay 47.4% 52.6%
Delhi 52.9% 47.1%
Madras 60.6% 39.4%
Guwahati 38.6% 61.4%
Kanpur 45.2% 54.8%
Roorkee 44.9% 55.1%

So the data suggest that more than half of the students opted for self-study. But here we need to consider, how many of them actually qualified the exam with just self-study? We all know that every year, lakhs of students appeared for JEE examination, but only a fraction of them actually qualify for IITs & NITs.

Furthermore, with the new exam patterns, conducting mode, cut-throat competition, and unrealistic cut-off marks, do you think it’s worth taking the risk to prepare and appear for the country’s toughest competitive exams without coaching? Success via only self-study may have dominated the results in 2013, 2015, and 2017, but in this new normal era, that tables have been turned.

Recent stats suggest that more than 75% of the JEE & NEET toppers attributed their success to their respective coaching institutes and even the remaining 25% have been associated with coaching via online test series or any other program.

Now in order to decide which is better self study or coaching for you, the following aspects should be considered…

1. Time Management –

The major difference between coaching or self study lies in discipline and time management for students. In coaching institutes, study plan and time management is defined by experts and they make sure that the entire syllabus is completed well on time with enough time is spared for revision and practice tests. On the contrary, if you opt for self-study, you may procrastinate, couldn’t follow your study plan, or struggle with time management as it is difficult to stay disciplined for an entire year or two for competitive exams.

2. Study Material –

The advantage of enrolling yourself in coaching institutes is that you’ll get their professionally prepared comprehensive study materials including subject modules, practice papers, DPPs, question banks, etc. which they prepared by following the latest exam trend & NCERT syllabus. On the other hand, if you opt for self-study, you should research on your own for necessary books and study material.

3. Latest information –

Another major advantage of getting enrolled in coaching institutes is that they update you with the latest news and changes in the exam pattern or curriculum that you may find yourself lagging behind on if you are opting for self-study. Unawareness about the latest update and exam pattern may result in a competitive disadvantage over others.

4. Competitive edge –

Now when you join a coaching institute, you’ll get to compete with other aspirants who are enthusiastic and ambitious just like you. This way you’ll get to understand the level of competition and strategize your preparation to ace your exams with flying colors. Contrary to this, with self study, you are preparing alone and thus may need to encourage yourself every day for better results.

5. Doubt-resolving sessions –

When you study, you’ll have doubts, maybe a topic you won’t understand or a numerical problem you cannot solve on your own. In coaching institutes, you’ll have your teachers and mentors to resolve your doubts and queries. But if you are self studying, you may have to find a way on your own.

Importance of Coaching:

Well, the above pointers clearly define the importance of coaching institutes for competitive exam preparation. Apart from them, a prestigious coaching institute like ALLEN Overseas offers every student…

  • A personal mentor to help them overcome any learning obstacles they might come across
  • Regular assessment and feedback via tests to track their progress, area of weaknesses, and strengths
  • Frequent motivation sessions to improve self-confidence and motivation of students for study
  • Career guidance and advice by experts to help students in making well-informed decisions regarding their future
  • Unique learning model to excel in school and competitive exams together
  • And a lot more…

However, it doesn’t imply that enrolling in a coaching institute means you don’t need to self study. Coaching Institute will provide you with the right guidance and direction, at the end of the day, it will be your efforts that you need to put via focused self study and determination that will help you in achieving your goals.

Well, this is all about self study vs coaching. If you have any queries, comments, or suggestions, feel free to reach out to us. We will gladly assist you.

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