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  • November 29, 2023
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CREST Olympiad is an online competition that tests what you’ve learned in Science, English, Math, Computers, Reasoning, and Spelling. It helps you see how well you understand these subjects compared to others.

It is a worldwide exam hosted by the Centre for Research and Exams in Science and Technology. If you’re in grades 1 to 10, you can take part. The exam has different levels; you must answer multiple-choice questions in just 60 minutes.

The best part is it gives you the practical knowledge you might not get in school. It’s a chance to show your skills competitively! This blog will cover all the required information to help you prepare for the exam. So let’s get started!

List of CREST Olympiad Exams:

These CREST Olympiad Exams provide students with opportunities to excel in diverse subjects and hone their skills in a global arena. These competitions, designed to nurture talent and foster a love for learning, offer distinct levels and engaging formats.

1. CREST Mathematics Olympiad (CMO):

The CREST Mathematics Olympiad (CMO) is a global online competition for students in Classes Prep/KG and 1-10. It offers one level for Prep/KG and Classes 1-2 and two levels for Classes 3-10. This objective-type exam challenges students to complete it within 60 minutes. For Prep/KG and Class 1 students, the exam is parent/teacher assisted, lasting 45 minutes.

2. CREST English Olympiad (CEO):

The CREST English Olympiad (CEO) is an effective platform for students to enhance their English proficiency. This Olympiad helps students analyse their strengths and areas for improvement at a national level. CREST Olympiad is a widely recognised online platform for such competitions.

3. CREST Science Olympiad (CSO):

The CREST Science Olympiad (CSO) is a global online contest open to students from Pre-Kindergarten to 10th grade. It features one level for Prep/KG and Classes 1-2 and two levels for Classes 3-10. This objective-type exam challenges students to complete it within 60 minutes. In Prep/KG and Class 1, parents or teachers may assist.

4. CREST Reasoning Olympiad (CRO):

The CREST Reasoning Olympiad (CRO) is an online competition for grades 1 to 10, offering a single level for all classes. This 60-minute objective-type exam aims to develop children’s reasoning and thinking skills, making it a valuable platform for learning and growth.

5. CREST Cyber Olympiad (CCO):

CREST Cyber Olympiad (CCO) is a highly effective platform for students to acquire and enhance their computer skills and knowledge. It provides a means for students to assess their strengths and areas for improvement at a national level. This global online competition is open to students in grades 1 to 10.

6. CREST International Spell Bee Olympiad (CSB):

The CREST International Spell Bee is India’s first online spelling evaluation for students in grades 1 to 8. It evaluates pupils based on their understanding of the English language, covering meaning, spelling, and pronunciation. This competition aids students in expanding their vocabulary, a crucial foundation for English proficiency.

7. CREST International Spell Bee – Winter (CSBW):

The CREST International Spell Bee-Winter challenges participants to spell various words of varying difficulty levels. It tests contestants on their mastery of word spellings as found in dictionaries. This concept, originating in the United States, has spread to several English-speaking countries where they hold Spell Bee events.

Why Participate in the CREST Olympiad?

  1. Academic Excellence: The Olympiad encourages students to go beyond textbooks, fostering a deeper understanding of subjects and honing analytical skills.
  2. Recognition and Awards: The organisation awards certificates, medals, and scholarships to recognise the outstanding achievements of top performers.
  3. Global Exposure: CREST Olympiad provides a unique opportunity for students to compete internationally, broadening their horizons and exposing them to diverse perspectives.
  4. Personal Growth: The Olympiad instils confidence, resilience, and a spirit of healthy competition, vital for success in any field.

Registration for CREST Olympiad 2023:

Participation in the CREST Olympiad 2023 is open to students from Prep/KG to 10th grade. Level 1 is conducted for all, while Level 2 students in grades 3 to 10 specialise in English, Maths, and Science.

To register, students have two options:

  • School Enrollment: Schools can facilitate registration and use their computer labs to conduct CREST tests.
  • Individual Enrollment: Students can also register individually.

For students in India, the registration fee for each subject is Rs. 225. Those studying outside India can register for $10. Don’t miss this chance to showcase your skills in CREST Olympiad 2023!

How to Sign Up Individually for the CREST Olympiad? 

If you want to participate in the CREST Olympiad 2023 as an individual, you can apply directly on the official website. Here’s a simple guide to registering as an individual:

Step 1:- Choose the option for a single applicant if you are the only one applying for the CREST Olympiad.

Step 2:- Fill in the necessary information, including your name, school name, grade, email address, country, and phone number.

Step 3:- After you’ve completed the form, take a moment to review it, and when everything looks good, click ‘submit.’

CREST Olympiad Awards and Recognition:

In the CREST Olympiad, students who participate in English, Science, Mathematics, Cyber, and Reasoning Olympiad exams have the chance to earn various awards and recognition:

  • Merit Certificate: The top 15% of students in each group receive a merit certificate.
  • Medal and Merit Certificate: Each group awards a medal and a merit certificate to the top 5% of students.
  • School Achiever’s Certificate: The top 3 students from schools with over 25 registered participants in a class receive a merit certificate.
  • Achiever’s Trophy and Certificate: The top 3 students from Classes 1 to 10 are presented with an achiever’s trophy and a merit certificate.
  • Digital Certificate for Every Participant: A digital certificate recognises each participant.
  • Higher Awards for Exceptional Performers: Students who meet multiple criteria are eligible for higher-level awards.

Participating in the CREST Olympiad is a fantastic opportunity for young learners to demonstrate their knowledge and skills. A well-planned preparation strategy is crucial to succeed in this esteemed competition. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your preparation:

How To Prepare for CREST Olympiads?

  • Know the Syllabus: Understand the topics covered in your chosen Olympiad.
  • Quality Study Material: Use reliable textbooks and online resources.
  • Schedule Your Study Time: Allocate specific time slots for each subject.
  • Concept Clarity: Ensure you understand fundamental concepts clearly.
  • Practice Regularly: Solve sample papers and take mock tests.
  • Focus on Weak Areas: Give extra attention to subjects you find challenging.
  • Stay Updated: Keep abreast of the latest developments in your chosen subjects.
  • Improve Problem-Solving Skills: Work on different approaches to tackle problems.
  • Mock Test Practice: Regularly take mock tests to simulate exam conditions and improve time management.
  • Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle: Rest well, exercise, and eat balanced meals.

Frequently Asked Questions about the CREST Olympiad

Ques 1:- Who is eligible for the CREST Olympiads 2023?

Ans:- For Level 1, students in classes 1 to 10 can participate. For Level 2, students in classes 3 to 10 who clear Level 1 exams in English, Maths, and Science are eligible.

Ques 2:- Where are the CREST Olympiad exams conducted?

Ans:- CREST Olympiads 2023 are online exams, allowing students to take them from their homes using a working laptop, desktop, or tablet with a stable internet connection.

Ques 3:- What subjects do CREST Olympiads cover?

Ans:- CREST Olympiads encompass Mathematics, Science, English, Computer, Reasoning, and Spell Bee for classes 1 to 10.

Ques 4:- How can I book a slot for a Crest Olympiad exam as an individual?

Ans:- Follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official Crest Olympiads website.
  2. Log in using your username and password provided during registration.
  3. Navigate to the “Book Slot/Take Exam” section.
  4. Choose the timing for practice tests 1 and 2 and Level 1.

Ques 5:- What is the fee for a Crest Olympiad exam in each subject?

Ans:- For students studying and residing outside India, the fee is $10 (US Dollars).

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