JEE Main 17th March 2021 Paper Analysis

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  • December 16, 2022
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By ALLEN Career Institute Overseas (Shift 1 & 2)

The second session of the country’s largest engineering entrance exam- JEE Main 2021 (March Attempt) for BE/ B.Tech started on 16th March 2021.

The exam was conducted in two shifts in computer-based mode. Based on the students’ feedback and the feedback received on CSAT, Brajesh Maheshwari Sir, Director of ALLEN Career Institute, concluded that the paper in the morning shift was similar to the February paper.

The calculation of most of the questions was not lengthy. If the students’ concepts are clear, then they can solve the questions in a few steps.

Chemistry Paper Analysis – JEE Main 2021 March Attempt

During the morning shift in inorganic chemistry NCERT based questions came from ionic mobility, electron gain enthalpy of halogen, Composition of Photochemical Smog, KMnO4, Magnetic moment of the aqua complex of magnes (plus 2), Shape Geometry in Chemical Bonding. While from organic chemistry, questions came from Hoffmann Bromamide, Reimer–Tiemann reaction, Tyrosine, Ester hydrolysis, also two information-based questions came from reaction and pressure of chloroform NaOH. There was no question of 11 parts.

Physical chemistry had all the numerical questions except one of the colloidal states. In which questions came in the Integer section related to solubility, Mole Fraction from Molality, Rate constant in kinetics, radial nodes in the atomic structure.

Physics Paper Analysis – JEE Main 2021 March Attempt

According to the students, some questions were theoretically based on the morning shift. At the same time, most of the questions remained numerically based. In such a situation, the students did not face much trouble. Questions came from Logicgate, Principal of Communication and Optics. According to the feedback, the easiest part of the morning shift was physics. The evening paper was easy, but the language of the 3 questions remained confusing. Easy questions came from POC and Logic Gates.

Maths Paper Analysis – JEE Main 2021 March Attempt

Maths paper was easy in the morning innings. Calculations were necessary according to the nature of the subject, which can not be called lengthy. There was no twist in the remaining questions except for 2-3 questions. A question related to Definite integration involved more than one correct answer. Questions came from the 12th-grade syllabus. In which the questions of vector 3D and calculus were more. In the special topics of JEE-Main, questions of sets and Reasoning were asked.

In the evening shift, the paper was lengthy and difficult. In this, too, questions of calculus and vector 3D were more. Apart from this, one question came from Statistics and Reasoning from the special topics of JEE Main.

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