Take a year off for JEE Mains or apply to other colleges?

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  • November 24, 2023

IIT-JEE is one of the toughest competitive exams that students need to crack in order to get admissions in reputed engineering colleges of the country. Every year when results are declared, only a fraction of the registered students rejoice for getting their dream branch in their dream college. Others (especially freshers) find themselves in the biggest dilemma of their life – should they take a year off for JEE preparation after 12th or compromise their dreams by seeking admission in other colleges.

As per the data released by NTA, a total of 1,41,699 candidates appeared for JEE Advanced examination 2021 in both papers, out of which, only 41,862 candidates have qualified the exam and cleared the eligibility criteria for 40,000+ seats of 23 IITs, 31 NITs (National Institutes of Technology), 26 IIITs (Indian Institutes of Information Technology), IIEST Shibpur, and 29 other Government-Funded Technical Institutes (GFTIs) across the country.

Yes, the competition is fierce, and taking a year off for JEE Mains is a year-long commitment, but will you be truly satisfied with mediocrity when you know that you could have aced your JEE preparation after 12th and gotten your dream college?

It will take courage, dedication, hard work, and persistence on your part, but you know you have the potential to achieve anything you want. It is your dream, so you have to work for it, and taking a year off for JEE Mains, for your dreams is better than life-long ‘what-ifs’ regrets. Moreover, regardless of the outcome, you know you have tried your best. So a year’s drop for JEE preparation is well worth it. Also, there are many factors that will work in your favor, if you opt for JEE preparation after 12th. Wondering what they could be and how they’ll help, here’s your answer…

Advantages of taking a year off for JEE Mains preparation:

1. Focused preparation:

Managing time between school, board exam preparation, coaching, and JEE preparation can be hectic for most students. Hence it is better to opt for JEE preparation after 12th because it allows you to focus all your efforts on JEE examination without worrying about anything else. You’ll get one entire year to channelize all your focus, work, and efforts for your dream.

2. Ample time:

Often it feels overwhelming for students to appear in board exams and then just one month later, they have to appear for JEE examination. Both the examination holds immense importance in students’ life and therefore it may feel like they didn’t get enough preparation time. Taking a year off for JEE Mains preparation will provide your ample time to boost your preparation. You’ll get sufficient time to clear your fundamentals, learn concepts and their applications, practice enough questions to master every aspect.

3. Better results:

Since you’ll get one full year to brush up your JEE preparation after 12th, you don’t need to settle for mediocre. Dedicating your entire year to JEE preparation will help you in improving your score and All India Rank so that you can achieve your dream success by getting your desired branch in a top-notch institute.

4. Exam familiarity:

The core advantage of taking a year off for JEE Mains preparation is that you have already acquainted yourself with the exam pattern, difficulty level, environment, marking scheme, question language, etc. and now you can strategize your approach accordingly. Since you’ve already been there, done that, you know better than your competitors what needs to be done to qualify for your dream college.

5. A chance to rectify your mistakes:

Taking a year’s drop for JEE preparation will give you a chance to identify the gaps in your preparation and rectify them. You’ll have an entire year to thoroughly revise your entire syllabus and strengthen your preparation by clearing your fundamentals and concepts. You can dedicate more time to your difficult topics and practice until you understand them thoroughly.

6. Personal Satisfaction:

Achievers are not what they are because they’ve mastered the art of success, but because they know how to strike back after being knocked down by failure. Treating yourself with a year’s drop for JEE preparation will save you from life-long regret and what-ifs. It gives you a sense of personal satisfaction because regardless of the results, you know you have done your best. And if you truly would give your 100%, things will work out in your favor.

Everyone can dream but a few of them actually possess the courage to take the initiative for pursuing them. The students who got selected before you weren’t anything special. They are just humans like you with the same number of hours every day you get, the difference lies in their dedication, persistence, hard work, and the guidance they have received. And you too can join their league. There’s a fire inside you that you need to ignite.

Graduating from a top IIT institute is your life’s dream, don’t you think it’s worth a year of your life?

And if you are striving for the best, you must prepare with the best. Nail your JEE exam preparation with the best academic pedagogy, expert faculty, and the top-tier learning ecosystem of ALLEN Overseas. With 34 years of experience and a proven track record of success year after year, we invite you to join the league of toppers and make all your career dreams come true. ‘Together we will make a difference.

In case if you have any queries, comments, or suggestions, feel free to reach out to us, we will gladly assist you.

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