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  • November 24, 2023
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Exams always come with stress, pressure, and anxiety. It feels like you have a lot to study but very limited time. Hence, effective time management and smart tips to study are integral aspects of exam preparation. Statistics show that 87% of students can improve their grades if they had managed their time better. Also, most students (around 82%) start their exam preparation too late to complete everything on time which leads to excessive stress and anxiety that directly affects their grades.

Well, if your exams are just around the corner and you are still wondering how to study for exams, and where to begin, here we present eight students-backed tips to study for exams and ace them with flying colors.

Effective exam preparation tips:

1. Create A Study Schedule:

Start your exam preparation early by preparing your study schedule and make sure you follow it by heart. Creating a realistic study timetable will eliminate the possibility of procrastination and help you in finishing your syllabus on time. Here’s how you can make an effective exam study schedule…

  • List all the subjects and topics and then prioritize your subject/topic.
  • Jot down the number of days before exams and assign definite hours to each topic.
  • Create a daily hourly study schedule topic-wise and make sure to study a variety of topics/subjects in a day.
  • Make sure you have achieved assigned study goals before moving on.
  • Plan your study schedule while keeping time for important activities like breaks, meals, sleep, workout.

Also do not wait for the last day or week to start your exam preparation, starting early is the only way to achieve success.

2. Organize Your Study Space:

This may seem irrelevant, but one of the most effective tips to study for exams is organizing your study space. Make sure you have enough space for your textbooks and notes, enough lightning to study, all the distractions are out of sight and you are sitting on a comfortable chair in a comfortable position. Also keep all the things you need with you including your notes, stationery, water bottle, a healthy snack, etc., and remove everything you don’t need. It will help you concentrate better and avoid wasting time on unnecessary things.

3. Practice Mock Test Papers:

Practising and solving mock tests or sample papers is the most effective way to determine how to study for exams. It will help you acquaint yourself with the questions pattern and marking scheme as well as present a clear picture of how well you are prepared for the exam. Create exam-like settings and time-yourself while solving mock test papers to help you understand how much time you are spending on each question and where you need to improve.

4. Take Regular Breaks:

Studies show that taking regular & refreshing breaks while studying for exams will make your study sessions more productive. So instead of exhausting your brain with a long and tiresome study session, take frequent and rejuvenating breaks to unwind your mind & body for better concentration. You can take a short walk, stretch, meditate, eat something or chat with your friend to reboot your brain for the next rigorous study session.

5. Stay Healthy:

As exams are approaching, it may seem like there’s not enough time for basic things like sleep, meals, and exercise but following a healthy routine will help in improving your concentration, productivity, and energy levels. Hence follow a healthy routine –

  • Take 7-9 hours of sleep
  • Eat three nutritious meals a day
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Eat healthy snacks throughout the day
  • Exercise for 15-20 minutes: a short walk or quick run between study sessions will do wonders for you.

6. Make Notes:

While reading is essential but for effective learning, it is recommended to make your own notes for the topic/subjects. Writing content in your own words or using flow charts and diagrams will improve your brain’s recalling ability while giving the exams.

7. Do Not Skip Revision:

Revision is another important aspect for effective exam preparation that any student couldn’t afford to miss. Nothing substitutes for preparing early for your examination with thorough revision. Give yourself enough time to finish your syllabus and revise everything to make sure you have understood the concept correctly.

8. Plan Your Big Day:

Prepare everything a day before the exam and do not leave anything for the last minute. A night before the examination, pack your bag, carry your admit card and all the necessary stationery items, decide your route to the examination center and how much time it will take to reach there. If you are commuting with someone, make sure that your companion is punctual. Sleep well the night before, drink plenty of water and eat a light nutritious snack in the morning to avoid drowsiness during the exam.

Effectual preparation is your only weapon to score satisfying grades in examinations. If you are still stressed about how to study for exams, try these exam preparation tips to achieve your dream success. Don’t panic if things aren’t going as you planned, make some adjustments, do your best every day, and keep going. Soon things will work out in your favor.

Also if you have any other tips, queries, comments, and suggestions, feel free to reach out to us. We will gladly assist you.

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