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Academic Desk

At ALLEN, Academics are Epitome. Brand ALLEN constitutes mostly of Academic rigour and mentoring it provides to students, through meticulous lecture planning, stringent teaching methodology, Study material with detailed theory, lucid examples and huge question bank, carefully curated tests and Academic mentoring based upon the test results.

All of this reflects in ALLEN's historical results across JEE (Mains & Advanced), NEET-UG, any recognised government Olympiads or NTSE.

Academics is not just about teaching and studying, it is to look for the weak links in one's study patterns or styles, finding the common mistakes and rectifying them and most importantly being in touch with the Teaching Faculty.

Time Management, is another aspect of Academics. Usually, students tend to overburden themselves academically due to sheer loss of interest or pile up of academic work or simple lethargy. The magical formula for success, requires one to find the balance among school studies and Competitive studies within stipulated time frame. Saving oneself from Exam anxiety is an additional requirement to be successful in any exam and one can win over this only by thorough and sincere practice. Any exam is not just testing one's academic knowledge; instead they are testing the patience and endurance required for that exam.

How to prepare for competitive exams, how much to study, where to seek for more practice of questions etc are some questions, which ponder one's mind while preparing for any competitive exams, and they should be answered by professional academic coaches.

ALLEN believes, every student has that mettle for being successful in any competitive exam, it's just about managing the academics in best possible ways, under the guidance of the BIGGEST Faculty pool.

Ankur Tripathi
Academic Administrator