How to attempt the JEE Main Exam 2024?

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  • January 22, 2024
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  • How to attempt the JEE Main Exam 2024?
  • What are the time management strategies while attempting the JEE Main Exam? 
  • How to attempt the question paper wisely? 

If these questions have been lingering in your mind, fret not! ALLEN Overseas brings a webinar to resolve such queries. 

Students often stick with the above questions when they appear in any competitive exam, whether they are appearing in the exam for the first time or not. They got nervous and faced so many difficulties during the exam time. To help the students with this and to advise them with the tips for the exam, ALLEN Overseas hosted a webinar on “How to Attempt JEE Main Exam 2024?”

This webinar is specially designed for the class XI & XII students who are appearing and are preparing for the exam. The main motive for conducting the webinar was to motivate and guide the students to attempt the JEE Main Exam 2024. 

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The webinar was divided into three major sections: Analysis of JEE Main Exam Previous Trends, Exam attempting strategy, and, most importantly, as the exam is around the corner, what are the last-minute tips and tricks students should keep in mind while attempting the question paper. 

So, let’s go through all three topics one by one! 

JEE Main Paper Analysis: Previous Year Trends:

The webinar started with an essential aspect – analysing JEE Main Exam’s previous year trends. The ALLEN Overseas experts emphasised the significance of delving into the JEE Main exam patterns.

Students gain profound insights into the exam’s intricacies by understanding the previous year’s trends. This includes a comprehensive view of question types, difficulty levels, and commonly tested topics. Such analysis not only aids in preparation but also enhances the strategic approach to the upcoming exam.

Our experts said that compared with the last years, the exam level is changing continuously, and it is important to go through the previous years’ question papers and exam trends to get familiar with the exam. 

JEE Main Paper Attempting Strategy:

Our experts, with their many years of experience, guided the students with the paper attempting strategy during this session. These strategies are proven and followed by the toppers. 

1. Time Management:

First and foremost important is the time management strategy. You should allocate specific time slots for each section based on your strengths and weaknesses. Ensure you have enough time to attempt all the questions during the exam. 

2. Subject-wise Approach:

Start with the strongest subject to build confidence. Move on to the challenging ones later. Our experts also share strategies for each subject. 

  • Physics: As so many students find it difficult to solve problems in Physics, the best way is to start with the easiest questions from the topic you are strong in to build confidence and later on move to the hard ones. 
  • Chemistry: Prioritise Organic and Inorganic Chemistry as they often have direct questions. Devote time to numerical problems in Physical Chemistry. 
  • Mathematics: Cover the topic with high weightage to secure marks and then cover the rest. 

3. Know the Marking Scheme:

Proper knowledge of the marking schemes of any exam is important. JEE Main follows a marking scheme where correct answers are rewarded with positive marks, and incorrect answers result in negative marks. So, be strategic in deciding which questions to attempt and avoid random guesses. 

4. Cross-check the Answers:

Save 15 minutes before submitting the exam to review your marked answers. Ensure that you haven’t marked any wrong answers or missed any questions. 

Last Minute Revision Strategy:

In the end, our experts tell the students proven last-minute exam tips. The do’s & don’ts that every student should remember for the JEE Main 2024 Exam.

  • Make sure to reach the Test Centre at least 60 minutes before the exam starts.
  • Remember to bring your JEE Main 2024 Admit Card and one valid proof of ID to the exam. Also, bring a black pen (transparent), pencils, erasers, and other necessary stationery in a transparent box/kit.
  • Start with questions that don’t have negative markings. Skip the ones you’re not sure about. Allocate 1 hour for each subject to cover all topics. Begin with the subject in which you are best.
  • Stay calm, and your preparation will help you succeed in JEE.

Do’s & Don’ts for JEE Main Exam 2024:

  • Appear for the examination with a positive mindset, which is crucial for cracking the examination.
  • Check all the relevant information on the attendance sheet and duly sign it.
  • First, analyse the difficulty level of questions in the examination paper. Attempt simple questions first to enhance your confidence and preserve precious time for difficult questions.
  • Don’t reach the examination centre late on the exam day to avert missing important instructions announced in the exam room. Reaching late also makes you get panicky. 
  • Do not bring prohibited electronic gadgets like mobile phones, smart watches, or calculators to the exam centre. 

In the end, our experts said that a strategic approach to JEE Main involves understanding past trends, developing a smart attempting strategy, and implementing effective last-minute preparation. With diligent effort and a well-planned approach, you can maximise your chances of success in one of the most challenging engineering entrance exams. 

Good luck!

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