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  • November 24, 2023

“Some people dream of great accomplishments, while others stay awake and do them.” -Unknown

After months of attending coaching classes, following a rigorous study schedule with 10-14 hours of self-study, practicing numerous question papers, taking several mock test series, it is imperative for students to do Last hour exam revision, especially if they want to score good marks in your exams. Last day revision is scientifically proven to boost your exam performance with better recollection of the concepts and thus enhance your confidence.

However, when we talk about the Last one hour revision, we don’t mean to actually wait until the Last one hour to start your revision and then revise your entire syllabus in that small time period. Just like your syllabus, you should complete your revision well on time before the exams, and then re-revise important concepts for Last minute revision. Since the last day is filled with inevitable panicking and stress, students often wonder how to do effective Last minute revision that will help them to ace their examination with flying colors. Here in this article, we present seven Last hour exam revision tips and tricks that will help you to make the most out of your exam preparation.

Seven Last hour exam revision tips and tricks that will help you to score better in exams…

Seven Last hour exam revision

1. Start Early:

Now, this is the most effective Last minute revision technique. Starting your day early before exams will provide you with enough time to finish your revision effectively without compromising your sleep. Remember on the last day, every minute counts. So even if you are not a morning person, we recommend you to wake up early on both mornings, before the exam and on exam day to give yourself enough preparation time. Another advantage of starting early is that you can potentially dodge last minute panicking because you know you’ll have enough time on hand to finish everything.

2. Plan ahead:

Though you might feel like jumping straight into revision frenzy since you only have one day to finish everything, we recommend you to avoid that. Cramming won’t get you the results you desire. Hence, plan your revision time just like you used to plan your study hours. List out all the topics you need to revise and then allocate specific time to each. Take regular short breaks in between. Planning will do wonders for your exam preparation, don’t make the mistake of avoiding it in any case.

3. Use SMART revision techniques:

Last one hour revision is considered as consolidation, hence it is recommended to use SMART revision techniques rather than reading or reviewing the whole chapters. Use mind maps, flashcards, flowcharts, diagrams, short summaries of chapters, bullet points, or any other visual aid to revise your topics. It is better to prepare those SMART notes while studying and if you are enrolled in a reputed coaching institute like ALLEN Overseas, we provide you with those handbooks and SMART revision notes that you can use for Last minute revision.

4. Eliminate all sorts of distractions:

This is your final chance to strengthen your preparation, hence you need to do it with full focus, determination, and concentration. For that one day, put aside your phone, laptop, gaming console, or everything else that distracts you from your studies. It is also effective to use pen and paper to scribble important information while revising. If you are using digital study material, print it out for last day revision in order to avoid using technology that pings every few minutes and interrupts your studies.

5. Use Mnemonics:

Sometimes reading and re-reading notes and concepts is not enough, you need to put extra effort to make that information stick to your memory. Using funny rhymes, anecdotes and mnemonics will help in learning key facts and formulae faster than traditional rote study methods. Though you cannot apply that trick for your entire syllabus, we suggest you implement it wherever possible. Though it may feel a little childish sometimes, but as long as it helps you in retaining the information, who cares?

6. Review difficult topics:

Brushing up your difficult topics before the exam is the key to making the most out of your last minute revision. Many aspirants would feel like leaving their difficult topics and carrying on with their strength areas, but revising your weak topics as well in the last few moments will definitely help in improving your scores and grades. Just remember not to spend too much time on it, review them quickly, and move on. In case you are stuck somewhere, feel free to ask for help.

7. Revise from Mock/Sample papers:

Probably the most effective revision technique is to solve mock tests or sample papers. This will help you in analyzing where you stand, how well you have prepared your concepts, weak topics, what information have you retained and what needs more revision. It will also help in boosting your confidence for the exam.

A few expert’s recommendations…

In addition to the above-mentioned last one hour revision tips and tricks, here we present some more expert recommendations that you need to implement before your exam…

  • Take enough sleep a night before the D-day
  • Eat brain foods and light nutritious breakfast before exam
  • Prepare everything a night before, including your admit card, stationary or other stuff
  • Don’t panic and fill your mind with positive thoughts
  • Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated
  • Don’t compromise your health, eat three nutritious meals every day
  • Engage in last-minute study groups
  • Plan your exam strategy beforehand

These are the effective Last hour exam revision Tips and Tricks that will help you in achieving a better score and rank in your exams. One thing to consider here is, how you prepare for your competitive exams can make or break your career. Therefore, do not settle with ordinary, prepare with the best academic faculty and teaching methodology of ALLEN Overseas. With our top-notch faculty and proven success legacy, you’ll get the required support, and guidance to achieve your future goal.

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