TALLENTEX Overseas 2023: Exam Day Tips for Participating Students

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  • November 24, 2023
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It’s time to gear up for the big day. Just a few days left for the biggest talent encouragement cum scholarship exam of the year – TALLENTEX Overseas 2023 and students’ enthusiasm is at all-time high. Participants strive to put their best foot forward to showcase their academic caliber and win miraculous rewards. To help them succeed, here we present expert-recommended TALLENTEX Exam Day Tips.

TALLENTEX Exam Day Tips:

1. Wake up on time:

Although the exam is scheduled to be commenced in the afternoon, it is better to start your day early. Wake up with a fresh mind and, for that, sleep a little early the night before. A tired brain will do you no good, so do not mess up your sleep schedule. Take about 7-9 hours of shut-eye and wake up early on the exam day.

2. Eat light and healthy meals:

It is highly advisable to eat healthy and light meals on exam day. Avoid junk food and overeating as it will lead to drowsiness and concentration troubles in addition to causing various health issues. Instead, eat light home-cooked meals, including fruits, salads, leafy vegetables, nuts, pulses, etc. and don’t forget to stay hydrated.

3. Meditate:

A calm, composed, and focused mind is what you need to ace the exam. Hence, it’s vital to boost your concentration levels before the test. According to experts, brain exercises like yoga and meditation refresh the mind and keep panic at bay. Therefore, participating in such activities on exam day is really beneficial. Do mild yoga or meditation for about 30 to 45 minutes to clear your head.

4. Refrain from studying anything new:

Now is not a good time to study something new. Studying a new concept or topic on exam day will confuse your mind and lower your self-esteem. Hence, stick to what you’ve already learned, and you are good to go.

5. Revise important formulae and equations:

Instead of studying something new, revise the old concepts, important formulae, points and equations that you have compiled from each topic during preparation. However, review the most critical concepts only. Spend no time reviewing the less significant ones, as this will ultimately result as a waste of time that you couldn’t afford on your exam day.

6. Recheck your device setup:

For online exam, there is a prescribed minimum system requirement that must be fulfilled. Hence, candidates taking the online exam must recheck their device setup before exam commencement. Reinspect your desktop/laptop, internet connection, keyboard, mouse etc., in advance to avoid the last-minute hassle. For the offline exam, ensure that you have carried all the essential documents like admit card, ID proof, stationary etc.

7. Minimise your interaction:

Do not interact with your peers or discuss your exam strategy with anyone before the exam. This could result in a clash of opinions or viewpoints or produce unnecessary thoughts and views, which would undermine your confidence and morale. Therefore, try to minimise your interaction as much as possible on exam day.

8. Reach the exam centre on time:

That’s especially for offline exam candidates. You must report at the designated exam centre at the mentioned reporting time, i.e. 1 hour before the exam commencement time. Know your exam centre’s location beforehand; otherwise, you might risk squandering a lot of time trying to find it on exam day. Hence, to avoid wasting time, you must know the centre location, distance, best route to reach, and how long it will take, and make the necessary commute arrangements in advance.

9. Encourage positivity:

Mind your thoughts. You don’t want negativity clogging your brain while writing an exam. Instead, keep your confidence and do your best. If you train yourself to maintain a positive mental attitude, you’ll see that nothing can stop you from achieving your goals.

10. Stay calm:

Last but not least, don’t panic. Even if something goes wrong, you’ll find a way around it if you maintain your composure rather than panicking or getting anxious. Therefore, keep your calm intact, and you’ll emerge as a winner.

ALLEN Overseas wishes all the participating students good luck for TALLENTEX Overseas 2023 exam.

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