Tips to Score 150+ Marks in the NEET Physics

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  • March 4, 2024
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Scoring 150+ marks in the NEET 2024 Physics exam can be highly beneficial as Physics is often considered a complex subject. Achieving such a high score in Physics can greatly improve a student’s rank in the NEET 2024 exam. Students with a Biology background always fear Physics due to its mathematical nature. However, it is a common misconception that those who have not studied Mathematics in higher classes will struggle with Physics problems. Students with a PCB background can easily excel in the Physics section of the NEET 2024 exam.

To score 150+ marks in the Physics section of the NEET 2024 exam, it is necessary to prepare in a focused and organised manner. The NEET exam contains 50 Physics questions (45 to be attempted) worth 180 marks, so it is crucial to have a solid understanding of the subject’s fundamental concepts and excellent problem-solving abilities. Nearly two months are left for the exam, so students take every step to maximise their time and achieve the best possible score. To secure admission to a reputable college, one must attain a score of 640+, and this can be achieved by scoring above 150 in the Physics section of the NEET 2024 exam. In this blog, we have compiled a list of the top strategies needed to score 150+ marks in the NEET Physics exam to assist students in their preparation.

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Tips to score 150+ marks in the NEET Physics:

Aspiring NEET candidates are often asked how to score 150+ marks in the physics section of the NEET exam. This section is considered the most challenging part of the NEET UG exam by most candidates, as it mainly consists of numerical questions, unlike other mostly theory-based sections. Due to the quantitative nature of the subject, many students find it challenging to score good marks in NEET Physics. To score well in this section, students must practice as many questions as possible involving the concepts of Calculus and other mathematical tools to boost their confidence. Here are some proven tips for scoring 150+ marks in the NEET Physics exam 2024.

1. Get Familiar with the Exam Pattern:

Students must carefully understand the exam pattern within the context of Physics. Along with understanding and determining the difficulty level of a question, it is also essential for students to become proficient in the exam’s format, various sections, marking system, and much more. This is a tip from the topper, so it is essential to heed it. Students should also know the important chapters/concepts from which the questions are asked more frequently. The NEET syllabus contains the chapters from both classes 11 and 12 Physics books.

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2. Create a Systematic Study Plan:

No matter how hard you study, you are not likely to succeed if you do not have a proper plan. Making a plan and ensuring it is carried out is important. To do this, one must establish reasonable objectives. Cut it to fit the study nook you have chosen, which is usually a quiet corner of your home. Since physics requires a lot of practice, centre your schedule on that fact and allot the same amount of time to each subject.

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3. Choosing the Right Study Material:

Many students find it challenging to choose the right book to study from. However, the NCERT books should always be your top priority. Students should avoid getting tempted by the plethora of books published by various publishers. Students eager to learn more often consult numerous sources, mixing up material from multiple books on the same subject, which can have unfavourable effects. Once you have mastered NCERT, you can review previous years’ exam questions compiled into a single book sold in stores. You can also solve questions by consulting various online modules.

Based on previous years’ NEET question papers, 20-25% of all NEET Physics questions are asked from the NCERT books. The exam syllabus is based on the CBSE/ NCERT/ Other Boards curriculum.

4. Cover Important Topics:

Focusing on the crucial concepts and chapters is recommended to cover a significant part of the NEET Physics syllabus. Once you have created a timetable, developed pattern recognition skills, and selected appropriate study material, becoming familiar with the fundamental concepts that form the basis of most NEET questions is essential. To help students, we are providing the expected number of questions asked from each Class 11 and 12 Physics unit for their convenience.

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Section Class No of Questions
Mechanics XI 16
Heat & Thermodynamics XI 2
Waves XI 0
Electricity XII 10
Modern Physics XII 8
Optics XII 4
Magnetism XII 10

5. Practice with NEET Sample Papers and PYQ Paper:

After you have mastered the NCERT syllabus, move on to solving questions and cover every multiple-choice question (MCQ) from the sample papers and previous years’ papers of the NEET exam. Instead of memorising formulas, grasp their derivation by returning to the source. This will facilitate problem-solving and improve your ability to understand inquiries. Practice numerical questions as much as possible, which will help clarify your concepts and increase your question-solving speed.

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6. Start Solving Mock Tests:

Physics requires a lot of practice. Practising on a regular basis will improve your speed and accuracy, which are crucial metrics in competitive exams like NEET. Additionally, it helps you understand recurring topics, question formats, and the skill of how questions are modified around topics. By practising mock tests, students can also gain an understanding of the questions’ difficulty level, which boosts their confidence and gives them more time on the actual test. It’s important to remember to complete mock tests under realistic exam conditions. Try approaching each test as if it were the real NEET exam to get into the right mindset.

7. Analyse, Improve and Revise Regularly:

Learning from your mistakes and weaknesses that you identify during mock tests is important. If you find certain topics challenging, don’t hesitate to seek clarification. Continuously strive to improve your understanding and proficiency in Physics. Consistent revision is crucial to retaining and reinforcing concepts. To ensure thorough preparation and minimise the risk of overlooking important topics, aim to revise the entire syllabus multiple times.

If you follow the strategies below with dedication and maintain a disciplined approach to your NEET preparation, you can score 150+ marks in the NEET 2024 Physics section. Remember to stay focused, practice consistently, and believe in your ability to succeed.

Good luck for the Exam!!

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