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An interactive session with Hardik Sanjeev Hazari UAE Topper in MOQ

    Home / Blog / An interactive session with Hardik Sanjeev Hazari UAE Topper in MOQ

An interactive session with Hardik Sanjeev Hazari UAE Topper in MOQ

  • ALLEN Overseas
  • March 2, 2022
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ALLEN Kota’s UAE based institute Allen Career Institute Overseas, organized MILE (My Interesting Learning Experience) a TOPPER’s TALK SHOW. Students and parents watching the session got an opportunity to interact with MOQ UAE Topper Hardik Sanjeev Hazari and ALLEN Career Institute Overseas Mr. Pankaj Birla (Vice President), Keshav Maheshwari (Managing Director), and Ankur Tripathi (Academic Head UAE, Qatar). Father of Hardik, Mr. Sanjeev Hazari, and mother Mrs. Daya Hazari also shared their experiences on effective parenting and learning during the session. Expert of ALLEN Kota interacted with the students & parents watching the session and shared important career guidance tips and competitive exam preparation strategies. They also addressed numerous queries from the viewers. Hardik Sanjeev Hazari shared his success story and revealed important tips to guide the students to achieve their goals of academic success.  Sharing his experiences in the webinar, Hardik said he never thought he would be a UAE topper. He worked hard and aimed to be in top-3 or 5. His parents are proud of him and are very happy to see their child succeed.

Continued studies during the time of Covid

Hardik focused on utilizing the time during Covid in a productive manner. Hardik mentioned, “Online Classes from ALLEN Career Institute helped me immensely to continue my studies without hindrance. I made sure to complete the homework given by ALLEN regularly; as Olympiad preparation is different and difficult from school-level preparation, so I devoted extra time to prepare for the Olympiad.”

Studying at home is not easy; maintaining self-discipline is essential.

Hardik said, while studying at home, many times, he got demotivated. During this he got boosted up with the guidance of his parents and teachers. His parents helped him stay positive and focus on his studies. At the same time, Allen Faculties were always available to clear the doubts. This helped him to stay focused and maintain the discipline to achieve the target.

Parents gave complete support.

During the session, Hardik’s father said that he gave complete freedom to him. Hardik had set a timetable for himself, and his parents used to work accordingly so that his studies didn’t get disturbed. Children should be given complete freedom to know what is right or wrong; this will help them develop an ability to make their own decision. Hardik didn’t have his own phone, and he studied from his parent’s phone.

ALLEN gave In-depth knowledge of the subject.

Hardik said special guidance is required to prepare for the Olympiad along with schooling. In this case, ALLEN faculties supported him to great lengths. They gave in-depth knowledge on every topic, answered all the questions related to it and ensured I developed a comprehensive understanding of the concepts and its application rather than just knowing the subject content. During the interaction with the students, the faculties understand the student’s needs and guide them accordingly.

Hardik’s daily schedule

Hardik used to complete his schoolwork initially, which took one or two hours. After this, he prepared for the Olympiad. Apart from dedicating at least three hours for self-study, he used to take out time for completing ALLEN homework. He made sure to complete the homework every day without fail. Revision is essential for the preparation of the Olympiads. Teachers can teach you, but revision and practice are in your hands.  In the remaining time, he used to play games.

Strategizing the studies is important.

Hardik strategized his studies; for this, he took the help of ALLEN facilities. They helped him to structure and plan his day-wise/month-wise schedule so that he was able to devote enough time to each subject according to the syllabus.

ALLEN Overseas study material proved a win-win

ALLEN’s comprehensive study material is prepared by experienced faculties, which focuses on developing advanced level skills and conceptual understanding in students. The study material’s content is deeply researched and developed from time to time to keep pace with the changing syllabus and the students’ resulting needs. With this, he was able to prepare for the exam well, even while staying at home. The guidance of ALLEN faculties came in handy for him here too. He gave a lot of tests and mock papers. This gave him the experience of question selection strategy to optimise accuracy within constrained timeline. Some questions take a lot of time; he learned which questions to solve first to save time during the exam.

Hardik wants to do CS from IIT Bombay

Hardik aims to study at IIT Bombay, Mumbai. Accordingly, he is preparing to score well. He is getting full support from ALLEN to strengthen his foundation. Hardik’s parents have shown full faith in the ALLEN system and teaching methodology.

The session got good response from Indian parents living in UAE and ALLEN Career Institute Overseas will ensure to bring more toppers to conduct similar sessions, Mr. Maheshwari concluded.

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