Self Motivation Tips: How to Motivate yourself for Study?

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  • November 24, 2023
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“Every morning, you have two choices: continue to sleep with your dreams or wake up and chase them.”

When you open your books to study, all sorts of distractive thoughts start running through your mind. The temptation to check your social feed or browse Netflix is so overpowering that within minutes you find yourself abandoning your studies to indulge in your distractions. If it’s relatable, you are not alone—almost every other student is struggling with the same problem. However, you know you need some motivation to study, especially if you have an upcoming exam. To help you, we present self-motivation tips to give you an instant dose of self-motivation.

How to motivate yourself to study: Self Motivation Tips

1. Set a reward:

Reward yourself after a successful completion of one study session. Treat yourself with anything you like: chocolates, a walk in the park, a movie or one episode of your favourite web series, etc. Anything that’ll help you in motivating yourself to finish your study sessions. If you’re having concentration troubles, shorter study sessions or reward intervals (of 1 hour or 45 minutes) could work better at first. You can work up to greater delayed gratification if you get into the swing of things or find more motivation.

2. Study in a group:

Positive peer pressure can be a powerful motivator. Find a study buddy or group with whom you can collaborate and check in with each other. Each participant may volunteer to handle a sub-topic and then share your study materials. To make studying more pleasurable, book a study room, bring snacks, or turn it into a game.

3. Recall your study goals:

Associate your studies with your long-term goals. Consider the sense of accomplishment you’ll feel after getting good marks on an exam, making your teachers and family proud, or cracking competitive exams to gain admission into your dream college. Allow these positive emotions to sweep over you as you redefine your study approach and discover a deeper meaning in your assignments. Consider how each tiny study session will bring you one step closer to your goals. Motivate yourself to study by using your long-term goals.

4. Organise your study area:

Organize your study area before you start studying. Remove all unnecessary items and distractions, turn off your mobile or laptop, and face away from windows or anything distracting you. Clear the clutter; once you have a clean surface, organise all the books, notebooks, pens, highlighters, sticky notes, and other items you’ll need. Then, sit on a comfortable chair in a comfortable position and start studying. When you prepare yourself and set the stage, you’ll get instant self-motivation to study.

5. Take regular breaks:

Take effective breaks at regular intervals to boost your productivity and concentration. For example, you can take a short stroll in the park, stretch, do some jumping jacks or groove to your favourite song. A little movement can help you get out of a procrastination rut. These activities will boost your energy levels and improve your attitude. They’ll also assist in putting your brain in a receptive state, which will help you study more effectively.

6. Start with the easiest task:

Start with the simplest task to get the ball rolling. Setting yourself up for a quick win is preferable when you don’t feel like getting started at all. Work from the simplest to the most time-consuming task and from the easiest to the most challenging project. You’ll feel great about yourself once you’ve completed a modest step or two, which will motivate you to keep going!

7. Add some beats to make study fun:

Listen to your favourite music or playlist and let the beats keep you focused on your studies. Using headphones can also help with this—you can lose yourself in the music and your own world. The appropriate music can help you relax while also sharpening your focus. To avoid wasting time queueing up tracks, try repeating the same album or selecting a radio-style playlist.

8. Use motivational quotes:

Sometimes, a resonating motivational quote is what you need to motivate yourself to study. Find (or makeup) some motivational quotes that inspire you and place them somewhere you can see while studying. You can either post them in your room, at your desk, or in your notebook.

These are some self-motivation tips you can use. Try a few of them and utilise those works for you. If you want to prepare yourself according to the modern competitive world, join the unique pedagogy and rich academic success legacy of ALLEN Overseas. Get in touch with our experts for a free counselling session.

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