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  • October 6, 2023
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  • Which Stream should one choose for a bright career?
  • How do we know which course should we opt for in the near future to get ready for long-term career options?
  • When is the correct time to start thinking and preparing for any competitive exam?

If these are the questions you have been struggling with lately and seeking appropriate answers, ALLEN UAE brings a webinar for resolving all such queries.

ALLEN Career Institute Overseas, a renowned name in education, preparing students for entrance tests for the most coveted and sought after Engineering and Medical Institutes in India, has started its UAE Operations in this Academic Calendar, intending to develop the required skills among students from an early stage. Students from 6th-grade are bestowed with expertise and academic excellence at ALLEN Overseas.

“At ALLEN, we are not only preparing students for competitive exams; instead, we are equipping them for future career prospects. ALLEN Overseas brings ALLEN Kota’s Amazing Pedagogy to NRI Students, so they can instill faith in their competencies, and prove themselves at any platform,” explained Keshav Maheshwari, Managing Director, ALLEN Overseas, about ALLEN Overseas bringing its Career Exam preparedness to students across Gulf and especially to students in the UAE.

Students are often unable to decide which Stream they should go ahead with and let their elders determine for them. “Family plays an important role in deciding student’s career,” quotes Vikram Bhardwaj, Math Faculty for JEE Aspirants and now Head of Business and Corporate Strategy at ALLEN Overseas. “At several occasions, family members or close relatives choose a safer option and let students develop that same thought process of opting for safe, from a young age”, continued Vikram.

Most parents and near and dear ones indeed influence students’ career-related decisions based on their own experience and availability of resources. That’s why mostly we hear that a doctor’s offspring would become a doctor, An engineer would guide their ward for becoming engineer, and a Government official will pave the way for their wards to be a Government Official. “This has been a usual trend, but in present times, when many streams are emerging, an amalgamation of skill set is happening, this thought process would soon be obsolete,” says Chetan Dixit, Faculty Physics for JEE Aspirants & now Head of Business and Corporate Strategy, ALLEN Overseas. “Now we are looking at Nanotechnologists, Biotechnology, Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning taking over the globe, the thought process of inheriting career options from parents will slowly fade away.”

But, a big question is how one can know when is the correct time to take a step towards a future career option. How can one know what the requirements would be after 8-10 years?

“Road to future is laid in the present”, quotes Ankur Tripathi, Faculty Math, and Academic Administrator, ALLEN Overseas. “We can’t be sure what is there in future, but we can prepare in the present and build our skill sets from a young age, as the blossoming students are always receptive of fresh ideas and development happening across. They are the ones who learn most of the features of complicated gadgets in the least possible time, whereas elders leave hope soon.” Rightly explained by Ankur.

To dwell more into finding answers to such common queries, do join the ALLEN Overseas Webinar- “RACE Ahead”, where RACE stands for- Real Art Of Competitive Exams. The Webinar will be live on 8th May at 11:00 AM Dubai Time. To register, visit allenoverseas.com/webinar 

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