How to Score more than 90% in CBSE Board Exams

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  • November 24, 2023
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Students are burning candles at both ends while preparing for the board exams. Whether they are preparing for CBSE class 10th board exams which are important for studying their preferred stream in higher grades, or CBSE class 12th board exams which are considered for getting admissions in their dream college, oftentimes students wonder how to score more than 90% marks?

Though it looks a little ambitious but scoring more than 90% marks in board exams is not impossible. 2019 CBSE board stats indicate that 7.82% of the total students appearing for the CBSE class 12 board examination have scored 90% and above. In 2019, a total of 12,87359 students appeared for the Class 12 board examination out of which 17,693 students (83.4%) have scored even 95% and above. For years 2020 & 2021, CBSE has to cancel class 10th & 12th board examinations due to pandemic & declared results on the basis of an Alternate Assessment Policy.

The stats are in your favor, however, achieving a 90% and above score in the CBSE board examination is not a cakewalk. It takes sheer determination, dedication, and smart preparation to pass your board exams with 90%. Here in this article, we are going to list down seven most-effective tips to score in CBSE board exams…

Tips to score 90% and above in CBSE board exams…

  1. Don’t skip NCERT textbooks: NCERT is the official syllabus textbook prescribed by CBSE for class 9th -12th students, hence you cannot afford to ignore them. Many students underestimate the power they hold and run after reference books. Although reference books are also helpful to better understand the concepts and their applications, don’t skip NCERT. Each and every question of your CBSE Question papers are framed from NCERT, nothing will be asked out of them. Therefore, for achieving a 90+ percentage in your board exams, study every line of the NCERT textbook carefully. Previous year toppers have done that and achieved their dream score and you should do that too.
  2. Create an iterative study schedule with daily targets: Study schedule is something that separates toppers from the lot. Create a study plan while keeping your progress in mind. Always follow a schedule that helps you in improving your score and performance. Also, while planning your study schedule, remember to set your daily study targets and make sure to achieve them before calling it a day. Doing this will help you in completing your entire syllabus on time. Keep a record of your performance. Always compare your latest test/exam score with the previous one and aim for a higher score for the next exam. Like if you’ve achieved 60% in your latest test, aim to achieve more than 75% in your upcoming exam and set your study schedule accordingly.
  3. Focus more on your weak topics: To focus, you must find out your weak topics first. For this, take out your answer sheet from the previous exam or test and analyze it carefully. Identify your mistakes and shortcomings and make a list of them. These are your weak areas where you are prone to make mistakes. Now get to work on rectifying your mistakes. Practice them until you feel confident that those mistakes won’t be repeated in your CBSE board exams. Focusing and preparing your weak areas carefully will surely help you in scoring better marks in your exams.
  4. Practice time management: Time management is the key to scoring 90% or more in your board exams. You may already know that, but do you actually implement it? If you do, then you are good to go, but if you don’t here are a few tips for you…

Time Management Tips For CBSE Board Exams

  • First and foremost, overcome procrastination. Start your preparation early and study consistently until your exams
  • Allocate specific time not only for studies but also for other activities like sleeping, eating, bathing, relaxing, etc.
  • Keep your smart notes like flashcards, flowcharts, diagrams handy and revise them while waiting in line or commuting to and fro from school
  • Study theoretical subjects like biology, chemistry, economics, etc. in the morning as morning time helps in better retention of the information
  • If you’ve got free time in school during sports periods or extracurricular activities, take advantage of it to practice calculative subjects like maths, accounts, physics, etc.
  • Study at least 8 hours a day and extend it to 9-10 hours during weekends and holidays.
  • Study a bit of each subject daily. Allocate more time for difficult subjects like physics, maths, chemistry, accounts, etc. but don’t skip subjects like Hindi and English as they are most-scoring subjects.

Implement those time management tips to effectively manage your time to score maximum marks.

  1. Solve previous year’s CBSE Question papers: We cannot point out enough the importance of solving the previous year’s CBSE Question papers. In addition to acquainting yourself with the question paper format, marking scheme, difficulty level, and presenting a clear picture of how well you have prepared, solving previous year question papers can help you earn some brownie points when the same question, you’ve practiced before re-appears in the board exam. Of course, you can also try to solve some sample papers or mock tests, but previous year’s question papers cannot be neglected. For CBSE class 10th, past 5 years question papers will be enough and for CBSE class 12th past 10 years question papers will help you in boosting your preparation. Always remember to solve those previous year’s CBSE Question papers in real exam-like conditions within the stipulated time limit. Once done, check your answers and analyze where you’ve made mistakes, then work hard to rectify them.
  2. A day before the exam: How do you spend your last day before exam is equally important. For that, we suggest that you should start early and plan your day ahead. During those last few hours, revise your important topics, concepts, and formulae. Focus more on your weak topics, but don’t start studying something new. Stick with what you’ve already learned. Take regular study breaks, eliminate all sorts of distractions and be confident. Stay healthy, drink enough water, and sleep a little early the night before. Before retiring to bed, prepare all your stuff for tomorrow like admit card, stationary, etc. Go to bed a little early and take at least 8 hours of sleep that night.
  3. While writing exams: On the day of your exam, start early. Do meditation for a few minutes and eat a light protein-rich breakfast. Enter examination hall with confidence and think positively. Don’t study or revise anything on your exam day and don’t discuss topics or study material with your friends.

Now while writing the board exam:

  • Spend the first 15 minutes reading the entire question paper, strategize your answers for each question and decide which questions to attempt first.
  • If you are stuck somewhere, don’t panic. You’ll eventually find a way to answer it later.
  • Always start with 5 mark questions because it is easier to answer 1 and 2 marks questions in the end when there’s a shortage of time.
  • Write your answers neatly in understandable handwriting and use diagrams or illustrations wherever possible.
  • Make your answer sheet presentable, avoid overwriting or excess cutting, use pencil and scale for diagrams and labeling.
  • Once finished, revise your answer sheet for any mistakes and make necessary corrections.

All those tips will fetch more marks by impressing your evaluator. 

Scoring more than 90+ percentage in CBSE board exam is not an easy feat, you have to work hard, and put in consistent efforts day in and day out. Follow these tips by heart to improve your score. Now if you are looking to excel not just in board exams but also in competitive exams like IIT-JEE or NEET, then ALLEN Overseas, with 33 years of experience and rich success legacy, provides expert coaching and academic support to help you in achieving your goals. Reach out to us with your queries, concerns, and doubts and we’ll gladly assist you.

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