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  • November 24, 2023
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Class 10th board exam also known as SSC exam is one of the biggest milestones in students’ life as it determines their future streams and career path, they’ll be able to pursue for higher education. For students, the scores of class 10th board exams act as an indicator of whether they’ll be able to study their preferred stream in class 11 or not. Hence, scoring good marks in the SSC exam holds extreme importance for your future endeavors. To help you out, here in this article, we are going to present eight effective study tips to score in 10th board exams as well as subject-wise preparation tips to fine-tune your SSC exam performance for better grades.

Effective Study Tips to Score In 10th Board Exams:

Acquaint yourself with exam patterns & syllabus:

Now before starting your exam preparation, it is critical that you familiarize yourself with exam patterns and syllabus. For exam pattern details like exam duration, question format, marking scheme, number of questions, sections, chapter-wise weightage of marks, etc. are imperative. Likewise, you need to go through the entire syllabus of all subjects carefully. Prepare all chapters/topics according to their weightage and don’t leave anything. Study your full prescribed syllabus with NCERT to score good marks.

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Create a study timetable:

Planning is crucial to achieving your goals. For students, it is advisable to create a proper study timetable and stick to it. Allocate specific time for each subject and study accordingly. Make sure you study a bit of each subject. Know your weak topics/subjects and devote more time to them. Keep in mind that you have to attend school, coaching, complete homework & assignments, etc. so don’t make your timetable too hectic. Following a study schedule will help you in studying at a constant pace and boost your confidence for exams.

Solve previous year’s questions papers:

Your preparation is incomplete without testing your knowledge. Hence, it is recommended for students to solve as many previous year question papers and sample papers as they can. This helps you to understand how well you’ve prepared the studied topics and concepts. Moreover, try to solve the previous year’s question papers in real exam-like situations within the stipulated time limit to track your question-solving speed and accuracy. This will help you in identifying the gaps in your preparation to rectify in addition to boosting your confidence for exams.

Make time for revision:

Revision is a critical aspect of scoring well in your class 10th board exams. Always start early, complete your entire syllabus on time and then revise and re-revise until you fully grasp the information. Revise all the topics, chapters, facts, important points, and formulae. Remember to focus more on difficult topics while doing revision.

Take regular study breaks:

Studies suggest that the human brain starts to feel groggy while focusing on one thing for too long. That’s why rather than opting for longer study sessions, take a small 5-minute break after every 1 hour or 45 minutes to restore your concentration and energy levels. You can do some mild exercises, meditation, go for a walk or eat something healthy during your break to refresh your brain for the next rigorous study session.

Make brief/SMART notes:

Making brief, smart notes using diagrams, flowcharts, flashcards, bullet points for important dates, facts, formulae, rules, chemical reactions, etc. will help you in revising them effectively within the shortest span of time and improve your recall ability. Keep them handy and revise whenever you get a few minutes of time.

Practice writing:

Since your SSC exam is in a subjective format, you’ll be required to do a significant amount of writing. That’s why It is recommended that you practice writing answers as much as you can so as to maintain a consistent writing speed which will assist you in finishing the exam within the allotted time.

Stay healthy:

Above all, stay healthy. Follow a healthy routine, sleep 7-9 hours a day, eat three nutritious meals, drink plenty of water, and dedicate 10-15 minutes of exercise to keep your health on track. You can do some yoga, meditation, or mild exercises to calm your brain and boost concentration levels. Moreover, try to avoid junk food and overeating because it will crash your energy levels really quickly.

Subject-wise Preparation Tips to Enhance Your 10th Board Exam Performance.

Subject-wise Preparation Tips – For Mathematics

Mathematics is a subject that tests your conceptual knowledge with critical and analytical skills. Here are a few tips to master it…

  • Practice as many questions/numerical problems as you can before the exam.
  • Solve each and every exercise question and example problem from NCERT.
  • Improve your problem-solving speed and accuracy by solving previous year question papers/sample papers provided by CBSE.
  • Make handy notes of important formulae, theories, and points for easy revision.
  • Try to prepare Geometry, Mensuration, and Algebra first as they carry maximum weightage.

Subject-wise Preparation Tips – For Science

For Science, you need to prepare three subjects – Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. All three required strong fundamental knowledge and concept clarity. To attain that, practice is the key. Here are some helpful tips:

  • For physics, practice many relevant numerical problems to properly understand the concept and its application
  • Practice all the theorems, formulae, derivation, diagrams, etc. of NCERT thoroughly
  • Use charts to learn different formulae, nomenclature, and important compound reaction in chemistry
  • Memorize each term and its respective function
  • For Biology, you’ll have lots of diagrams explaining different processes. Practice and learn the diagrams carefully to understand the description of the process.
  • Prepare bullet points for difficult terminology and key definitions to revise effectively

Subject-wise Preparation Tips – For Social Science

Social Science includes four different subjects – History, Civics, Geography, and Economics, all are majorly theoretical and require excessive learning. Here are some helpful tips:

  • For History make a table with important dates and rulers and revise them every now and then. It is also advisable to learn events in chronological order to memorize them quickly.
  • Learn long information using bullet points, colorful charts, and funny mnemonics to better retain it for examination
  • Use flashcards, timelines, flowcharts as much as you can to learn important policies, definitions, events, and other information
  • For maps, practice repetitively by marking asked locations on blank maps as much as possible
  • Prioritize your topics and subjects based on the marking weightage, easy and difficult topics.
  • Try to relate the information with real-life situations for better learning

Subject-wise Preparation Tips – For English

For most of the students, it is a scoring subject. Use the following tips to ace your English exam:

  • Learn the basic rules of grammar and practice as many grammatical questions as you can better to improve it
  • Read novels, newspapers, articles, and science fiction to improve your language skills
  • Keep track of word count and format. Practice writing letters, speeches, and applications to understand the format correctly
  • Practice unseen passages thoroughly because they are high scoring and very easy
  • Prepare literature well enough as it contains analytical and content-based questions
  • Make detailed notes for poems and pottery to understand them well

Subject-wise Preparation Tips – For Hindi

Since Hindi is the national language for Indians, it is a quite scoring subject. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Learn the basic rules of grammar and practice as many grammatical questions as you can better to improve it
  • Make detailed notes for poems and pottery to understand their meaning and questions asked
  • Practice writing letters, essays, and descriptive questions to understand the formats and word-limit correctly
  • Practice previous year questions as much as you can and also cross-check their answers with the solutions

You should be able to confidently prepare for and achieve better results in your Class 10th board examinations if you prepare well utilizing the aforementioned guidelines. If you want to give a competitive edge to your preparation, join ALLEN Overseas. With a team of the best academic experts and a proven success legacy, we not only guide students for academic excellence but also contribute to their overall personality development. Reach out to us with your queries, doubts, and concerns and we will gladly assist you.

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