JEE Toppers Habits and Behavior

JEE Toppers Habits and Behavior

  • ALLEN Overseas
  • June 14, 2022
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You cannot change your future, but you can change your habits, and surely your habits will change your future.”- A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

IIT-JEE is an examination for which lakhs of students across the country put their blood, sweat, and tears in to secure one seat in their dream institute. With fierce competition and soaring cut-off marks, only a handful of students can actually accomplish their dream of becoming an IITian. 

As per the data released by NTA, a total of 1,41,699 students appeared in both papers 1 and 2 of the IIT-JEE Advanced 2021 examination, competing for 40,000+ seats of IITs, NITs, IIITs & GFTIs of the country. Out of that, only 41,862 candidates have qualified the exam.

Being in a constant rat race of improving their scores to outperform other competitors, aspirants often wondered how their predecessors managed everything and emerged out victorious. What was their secret? The secret lies in their daily routine, habits, and behaviors that separate the toppers from the giant lot. 

Now, if you are wondering what are those habits of topper students that helped them to achieve their goals? What would be the daily routine of toppers be like and where you are lagging? Here we are sharing a few toppers study tips and habits that you can imbibe to improve your performance and score.

JEE Toppers Habits, daily routines and study tips that you can cultivate to boost your preparation.

1. Equal importance to all subjects:

One of the most prominent habits of topper students is that they make a productive study schedule by allocating equal time for all 3 subjects. According to PARTH DWIVEDI, AIR 35, JEE (ADVANCED) 2020, ALLEN classroom student, “Most of the time, students put their focus on one or two subjects and spend less time on the third one. However, this shouldn’t be the case. I gave equal importance to all three subjects and always focused on strengthening the weak topics first.” 

2. Practice previous year’s question papers regularly:

If you ask for the daily routine of toppers, almost all of them will recommend you to practice previous year’s papers and test questions thoroughly. MRIDUL AGARWAL, AIR 1, JEE (ADVANCED) 2021, ALLEN classroom student said that “I started my JEE preparation in 11th standard and I used to practice previous year question papers regularly. One month before the exam, along with systematic revision, I have put all my focus on the previous year’s question papers and ALLEN’s mock tests. I have religiously followed all the study material provided by my coaching institute (ALLEN Career Institute) and advice from my teachers who were very experienced.”

3. Smart work and strategic planning is the key:

In almost all toppers study tips, you will find this. KAVYA CHOPRA, AIR 98, JEE (ADVANCED) 2021 (Female Topper), ALLEN classroom student, in her interview mentioned that “It is important to be serious about your goals and work smartly towards them. Follow your teachers’ advice, strategically plan your study schedule, analyze your weak areas/topics and devote more time for them. Do your homework and revision every day on priority.”

4. Study for 8-9 hours daily: Aspirants often wondered about the daily routine of toppers:

how many hours they devoted for self-study? ANANY SHARMA, AIR 10, JEE MAINS 2017, ALLEN classroom student, mentioned that “I used to study for 8-9 hours per day after finishing my regular classes at ALLEN. I prioritize my homework and then do self-study of all 3 subjects in 2-2 hours study sessions.”

5. Clear all your doubts:

Clearing all your doubts regularly is one of the most recommended habits of topper students. KARTIKEY GUPTA, AIR 1, JEE (ADVANCED) 2019, ALLEN classroom student, claims that “Joining ALLEN doubled-up my strength. The faculty here are experienced, hard-working, and always available to clear your doubts. While preparing for JEE, I always made sure to clear my doubts before going to bed.”

6. Manage your time properly:

Time management was an important aspect of the daily routine of toppers. Almost all of them have learned and mastered the art of time management. AMAN BANSAL, AIR 1, JEE (ADVANCED) 2016, ALLEN classroom student, in his interview suggested that “All aspirants should properly manage their time, during exam preparation and while writing the JEE exam. Utilize your time wisely, strategize your approach and always maintain a healthy competition between your fellow students. I used to take part in group studies with my friends to exchange information, resolve my doubts, and better understand the concepts.”

7. Take regular breaks:

Refreshing breaks have been a part of the daily routine of toppers as far as they can remember. BHAVESH DHINGRA, AIR 2, JEE (ADVANCED) 2016, ALLEN classroom student, when asked about tips stated that “My advice to aspirants is that you should clearly understand the concepts before taking tests. Also, don’t hustle to study for long hours as it would result in fatigue and stress. Divide your study schedule into smaller study sessions with regular breaks and do something refreshing in your break time.”

8. Restrict social media usage:

Limiting social media to only studies is another most prominent habit of topper students. ARNAV ADITYA SINGH, AIR 9, JEE (ADVANCED) 2021, ALLEN classroom student, said that “The faculty of ALLEN supported me immensely. I devoted equal time to all three subjects and restricted my social media usage for seeking information only. Rather than on social media, I used all my free time studying or revising.”

These are some of the habits and behavior JEE toppers exhibited while preparing for the exam. One common occurrence, they all have attributed their success to ALLEN Career Institute. With our expert faculty pool, highly-competitive learning environment, and ideal teaching methodologies we prepare you to emerge out as a conqueror in the IIT-JEE examination with your dream score and All India Rank. Join the league of toppers to accomplish all your career goals. In case if you have any queries, comments, or suggestions, feel free to reach out to ALLEN Overseas.

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