One Month Study Plan for TALLENTEX Overseas 2023

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  • November 24, 2023
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TALLENTEX Overseas 2023 is just around the corner, and preparations are in full swing. With such magnificent cash prizes and scholarships, participants want to put their best foot forward to showcase their academic talent and win amazing rewards.

Those who haven’t registered yet for TALLENTEX Overseas 2023 should register ASAP, as it is the Biggest Talent Encouragement Cum Scholarship Exam for students in grades V to XI. The exam provides an extraordinary opportunity to compete on a global platform and win exciting rewards, including National & Global Rank, Detailed Performance Analysis, Scholarships worth INR 20 Crores, Cash Prizes up to INR 2 Crore, Up to 90% Scholarship for ALLEN Overseas classroom & so much more.

With only a month until the TALLENTEX Overseas examination (scheduled to be commenced on 12 November 2022), students are buckling down to put their preparation in the final gear. To help them with, here we present a robust one month study plan and tips to ace TALLENTEX Overseas 2023.

One month Study Plan for TALLENTEX Overseas:

1. Finish Your Remaining Syllabus:

For students who have not completed their syllabus yet, it’s high time to do so. Start working on the unfinished topics, and complete them one at a time. Since the TALLENTEX exam syllabus for includes current and previous classes’ topics, you just have to revise what you’ve already learned. Try to finish your remaining syllabus within a week to leave enough time for revision.

2. Start Revision:

There’s no substitute for revision. It is critical for your mind to retain and recall information while writing the exam. Hence, start your revision as early as possible and make sure you understand everything you are revising. It would be beneficial to prepare SMART notes like flashcards, mind maps, flowcharts, cheat sheets etc., while studying the material and use them for revision.

3. Solve Sample Papers:

Sample papers help you understand the exam pattern, marking scheme, question type and preparation level. You’ll understand how the questions are framed and plan your exam approach accordingly. Solve the provided sample papers to evaluate the mistakes and gaps in your preparation and rectify them before the big day.

4. Don’t Skip Practice Papers:

TALLENTEX Overseas registered students get free practice papers to strengthen their preparation. Every week one new practice paper unlocks for students to attempt and validate their knowledge. They’ll help you identify your weak areas, boost your confidence, and improve exam performance.

5. Take Mock Tests:

Practice makes perfect, and what better way to practice for exam day than taking the mock tests? Mock tests give you a fair idea of your level of preparation, performance and mistakes. Solving mock tests will provide a clear preview of the real exam and where you stand. You’ll get to know about the exam conditions, paper pattern, questions asked, difficulty level, your speed and accuracy levels, and the time required to finish the test. We are providing 2 FREE Mock Tests based on the TALLENTEX Overseas examination pattern as an add-on benefit. The first mock test is scheduled to be conducted on 15 October 2022. Attempt it to become exam-ready.

6. Avoid Distractions:

Distractions can eat up your precious time faster than you can imagine, and with just a month left, you cannot afford to waste time on them. Hence it is recommended to eliminate all sorts of distractions. Switch off your phone and television while studying, close all the unnecessary tabs or, if you are getting distracted by something else, remove it from your sight.

7. Time management:

Time management is the key here. Manage your time between revising and practising. Also, you need to learn time management for the exam as well. Make a well-balanced study schedule that enables you to cover all the topics. Avoid cramming and strategize an effective time management approach for the test.

One Month Study Action Plan for Tallentex Overseas 2023:

Phase 1 (Week 1)

Take a printout of the complete exam syllabus. Mark the topics you’ve already studied with a blue pen and the remaining topics with a red pen. Then create a study schedule to finish all the remaining topics within this week.

Note: Don’t forget to attempt the first Mock Test on 15 October 2022.

Phase 2 (Week 2)

Start your revision. Create a timetable depicting topics that need to be covered every day and that week. Now allot time to each topic and start revising. Begin with easy topics and ensure you study a bit of each subject daily to avoid boredom. Don’t forget to practice relevant questions from practice papers and sample papers to validate your knowledge.

Phase 3 (Week 3)

Continue the revision and practice. Analyze your mistakes during the mock test or while solving the practice papers and work on them. Focus more on your weak areas and keep track of your progress.

Phase 4 (Final Week)

Re-revise important formulae, concepts and equations. Make sure you’ve prepared everything well enough before Mock Test 2. Attempt the second mock test and analyze your performance. Identify where you need improvement and start working on them ASAP. Moreover, stay calm and confident.

That concludes the One-month preparation plan for TALLENTEX Overseas 2023.

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