Biology Anxiety: How to Overcome?

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  • November 24, 2023
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Fear doesn’t exist anywhere except in mind.” – Dale Carnegie.

Biology is a fascinating subject for most students as it includes various exciting lab experiments, living world secrets, human physiology, field trips, etc. However, for some students, biology can be intimidating. With lots of information to be memorised, unfamiliar terminology, and diagrams, many students feel waves of dread and panic when it comes to studying biology. Although biology is a bit challenging and many students are afraid of it, overcoming your biology anxiety and acing the subject shouldn’t be difficult. Here we present science-backed tips and strategies to help students overcome their biology anxiety and prepare for every exam confidently.

What is Biology Anxiety?

Biology Anxiety is when students feel anxious about attending biology lectures or studying for biology exams or tests. Normal fear of the subject is acceptable, but if students dread it to the point where they feel extremely anxious and try to avoid the subject altogether, that condition is referred to as Biology Anxiety.

Tips to Overcome Biology Anxiety:

1. Adjust your attitude:

Change your attitude towards biology. The subject might be difficult but fascinating if you pause and consider what you’re learning. Biology unravels the secrets of the living world, how your body works, and how your brain control muscle movements. Studies can be more enjoyable if you change your attitude. Biology will still be challenging, but it will not feel as burdensome if you are engaged in what you are studying.

2. Prepare before classes:

It is recommended to read the relevant notes and material before attending biology class. It is not a subject that can be grasped quickly in class. Reading the material before class will give you a head start and an idea about what to expect. The textbooks will introduce you to new information, and if you arrive prepared to ask questions based on your reading, you will get a lot more out of class. Therefore, try to attend each class having read the textbook, completed all lab tasks, and reviewed your previous lecture notes.

3. Break complex terms:

You might find biology terms confusing and difficult to spell. However, if you want to succeed in biology, you must learn that difficult terminology. Most of the words in this field are Latin and have a prefix and suffix. Knowing the prefixes and suffixes that make up the terminology might help you spell and understand complex words. Write down any unfamiliar words you come across, then take the time to break down and analyse them to understand their meaning. For example, the term “Tegmentum” appears a bit difficult, but if you break it down as “Teg – ment – um” and know that Teg – means ‘cover’ and ment – means ‘brain’, you’ll understand that it represents the bundle of fibers that cover the brain.

4. Use flashcards:

Flashcards are one of the most effective ways to learn new terms and their meanings in biology. You can carry them with you and study them whenever you have a minute to spare. Waiting in a line or while commuting to school is the best time to review your flashcards. Prepare a list of the new terms you don’t know and make flashcards for them at the start of each new chapter/ topic. Study these cards throughout the session, and you’ll know them by exam time.

5. Learn from diagrams:

Diagrams are an effective way to understand and learn different processes and concepts. You should be able to illustrate the complete process and label all significant aspects if you truly understand the diagram. Learn all the diagrams in your textbook by heart. Also, read the captions carefully to fully comprehend what the diagram represents and how it connects to the process you’re studying. Using diagrams for learning will improve your memory and recall.

6. Revise your notes daily:

Since you are experiencing difficulty in biology, you must study it daily. Set aside time for it every day to develop the habit of studying regularly, and then you won’t dread the subject so much. Make biology a part of your schedule and stick to it. For 30 minutes daily, review your notes, even if you’re busy.

7. Use mnemonics:

Biology requires a lot of memorisation. To make things easier, use mnemonics. You can create your own mnemonics to memorise complex concepts and vocabulary. For example, use the mnemonic ‘King Phillip Came Over from Great Spain’ to remember Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, and Species (taxonomy order).

8. Ask doubts:

If you are stuck somewhere or have doubts, ask your teachers for help. Your teacher is there to assist you, so don’t be afraid to ask questions. As soon as you notice you’re confused or can’t understand something, ask. If you wait until you’re completely lost, the teacher will have to spend a lot of time catching up with you. However, you can quickly get back on track by asking your doubts.

9. Study in a group:

Studying with your peers is quite beneficial as sometimes they’ve understood the concept better than you and can teach it and vice versa. Creating study groups is an excellent approach to learning, teaching, and enjoying your study time. Establish a convenient time for all parties involved and stick to it.

10. Join a coaching institute:

Coaching institutes like ALLEN Overseas will help you keep up with the fast-paced classes of schools. You’ll learn about the basics, syllabus, exam patterns, and what needs to be done to improve your exam performance. Most students suffer from biology anxiety due to incompetent subject teachers and a dull way of teaching, but that won’t be the case with ALLEN Overseas’ innovative teaching methodology. Also, to overcome your biology anxiety, you can reach out to your teachers or personal mentor for help and guidance. Several studies have indicated that innovative tutoring has resulted in a greater decrease in subject anxiety over time.

Although biology can be complicated, a positive attitude, consistency, and the tips mentioned above can help you overcome your biology anxiety. If you are preparing for competitive exams like NEET or Olympiads and require professional assistance to win over your biology anxiety, ALLEN Overseas provides a one-stop solution for you to conquer all your dreams.

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