Chemistry Anxiety: How to Overcome?

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  • November 24, 2023
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“It’s not because things are difficult that we do not dare. It is because we do not dare that they are difficult.” – SENECA.

“Chemistry influences every sphere of human life” – The phrase from CBSE class 12th NCERT aptly describes the immensity of the subject. Everything from food, clothes, medicines, soap, and detergents to fuels, buildings, electronic materials, etc., has chemicals that remind us of chemistry. Furthermore, chemistry is crucial for competitive exams like NEET and JEE because it is the most scoring subject and can give you a significant advantage over others. Unfortunately, students are afraid of chemistry because of the symbols, equations, calculations, reactions, and exceptions it encompasses. A little fear is acceptable, but when it trickles down to your nerves and interferes with your preparation and performance, the condition is called chemistry anxiety.

If you are also struggling with chemistry anxiety, here we present ten experts-recommended tips to help you overcome your chemistry anxiety and ace the subject for your exams.

What is Chemistry Anxiety?

Chemistry anxiety can be defined as anxiety and nervousness about learning chemistry, evaluation in chemistry tests, and fear of handling chemicals. Some students become so apprehensive that they cannot concentrate on their revision. Chemistry phobia prevents them from thoroughly reviewing their chemistry notes. As a result, they frequently fail to perform at their best in exams.

Tips to Overcome Chemistry Anxiety:

1. Stop avoiding chemistry:

You cannot win over your chemistry anxiety by dodging chemistry. Instead, bypass the mental wall and early reluctance you feel and start taking an interest in the subject.

2. Clear your basics:

Understanding the basic principles and applying that knowledge is the foundation of science and chemistry. Hence, clear your basics first and refrain from cramming. Try to connect things, like how organic chemistry topics are linked with a few general chemistry principles and reaction mechanisms. Read a topic and analyse how it connects with other topics and everything you’ve read so far. When you apply conceptual learning, you’ll be able to understand the subject matter better.

3. Set daily targets:

Chemistry is a subject that requires dedication and consistency. Therefore, set a daily study target, break bigger chapters into smaller topics and assign specific hours for each topic. Make sure you define your daily target before beginning your study session and achieve it before calling it a day. Ignoring a subject that you don’t like is never a good idea.

4. Practice:

Practice leads to perfection and is the most effective technique to overcome chemistry anxiety. Once you are done with a topic/ chapter, start solving its related questions. Begin with the simplest questions and go through them as many times as necessary until you have a firm grasp of the concept. Then eventually, make progress towards complex and twisted questions. Make sure you’re solving questions correctly by checking your work using an answer key.

5. Review and revise:

Chemistry (especially inorganic and organic chemistry) necessitates learning reactions, compounds, basic concepts, exceptions, periodic table, chemicals, and reaction names, so you need to review and revise them every day until you’ve learned them all by heart. It is recommended to make a separate notebook or flashcards for your reactions, exceptions, and compound names and revise them frequently throughout the day.

6. Use mnemonics:

As mentioned earlier, chemistry requires a lot of memorisation. To make things easier to recall, use mnemonics. You can create your own mnemonics to memorise the periodic table, important concepts, and reaction mechanisms. For example, use the mnemonic “LEO the lion says GER ” for oxidation-reduction reaction. This means ‘Lose Electrons in Oxidation and Gain Electrons in Reduction.’ Mnemonics are a fun way to learn complex subject matter and ease your chemistry anxiety.

7. Ask doubts:

Leaving your doubts unresolved will cost you in the long run; hence don’t be afraid to ask your doubts. Your teacher is there to assist you, so don’t be afraid to ask questions. As soon as you notice you’re confused or can’t understand something, ask. If you wait until you’re completely lost, the teacher will have to spend a significant amount of time catching up with you. However, you can quickly get back on track by asking your doubts.

8. Form a study group:

Studying with your peers is quite beneficial, as sometimes they’ve understood the concept better than you and can teach it and vice versa. Creating study groups is an excellent approach to learning, teaching, and enjoying your study time. Establish a convenient schedule for all parties involved and stick to it.

9. Don’t skip anything:

Study systematically, don’t skip topics and explanations. They may be lengthy and unrelated to your exams. Still, you must be meticulous to properly understand chemistry and answer those twisted questions. In addition, chemistry concepts are interlinked, so read every topic and explanation carefully before moving on to the next.

10. Join a coaching institute:

Coaching institutes like ALLEN Overseas will help you keep up with the fast-paced classes of schools. You’ll learn about the basics, syllabus, exam patterns, and what needs to be done to improve your exam performance. Most students suffer from chemistry anxiety due to incompetent subject teachers and a dull way of teaching, but that won’t be the case with ALLEN Overseas’ innovative teaching methodology. Also, to overcome your chemistry anxiety, you can reach out to your teachers or personal mentor for help and guidance. Several studies have indicated that innovative tutoring has resulted in a greater decrease in subject anxiety over time.

Although chemistry can be tricky, a positive attitude, consistency, and the tips mentioned above can help you overcome your chemistry anxiety. If you are preparing for competitive exams like JEE or NEET and require professional assistance to overcome your chemistry anxiety, ALLEN Overseas provides a one-stop solution to conquer all your dreams.

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