IIT Kharagpur has announced to open its campus in Malaysia

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  • November 24, 2023
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Following the announcement made by IIT Delhi to set up its campus in Abu Dhabi, UAE, another IIT in the country has made an announcement to establish its international campus overseas. The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur will set up its campus in Malaysia. The institute celebrated its 68th convocation ceremony on 24th December 2022 Saturday when its director Mr. VK Tewari has announced that IIT Kharagpur’s Malaysia campus will be established soon. However, he neither confirmed the dates for the international establishment nor provided any information on whether it would be a joint venture with other institutes.

In August 2022, a committee has been formed for the global expansion of IITs which in consultation with Indian Missions Abroad has identified seven nations including UK, UAE, Egypt, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Thailand and Malaysia to set up international campuses of IITs.

Furthermore, Mr. Tewari added, “IIT Kharagpur aims to become the world-wide benchmark in education excellence by establishing IIT Malaysia, which will be a major step for the institute to set its footprint in the international domain for higher education promoting Indian Standards of Education.”

He further declared that the international institute is aiming to be among the top 10 institutes in the world.

Additionally, he claimed that the institute had compiled a compendium of 75 innovations created by its staff and researchers and received the highest placement offers among all the other IITs.

While listing the institute’s project innovation success stories of the past two years he stated that while the ‘Covirap’ diagnostic kit for coronavirus was sold at Rs 6.7 crore, many other successful new devices earned more than Rs 1 crore.

“We are supporting 25 identified innovations. From Vinod Gupta to Sunder Pichai, many ex-IIT KGPians, numbering thousands, brought laurels to the institute,” he further declared.

Along with 40 distinguished alumni, nine life fellows of the institute received awards on this special occasion. Additionally, nine students received gold medals for their specific fields of study.

The announcement indicates the acceleration of IIT in becoming a global brand.

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