CBSE Class 12 2024 Biology Question Paper & Analysis

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  • March 19, 2024
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The CBSE Class 12 Board Biology paper was held successfully today, 19 March. With the completion of this paper, exams for all major subjects of the Science stream have ended. Students who appeared on the exam eagerly waited for the paper analysis. The exam was conducted in a single shift worldwide, starting at 10:30 AM and concluding at 1:30 PM, with 15 minutes extra for the students to read the paper. Based on the initial reactions, the Biology paper was found to be slightly lengthy and moderate in difficulty level. The paper contains a good mix of direct and tricky questions.

This blog will include a comprehensive analysis of the exam, covering student feedback, expert reviews, and its overall difficulty level.

CBSE Class 12 2024 Biology Paper Analysis:

Types of Questions:

Sections Number of Questions Marks Allotted
Section-A 16 Questions 1 mark each
Section-B 5 Questions 2 marks each
Section-C 7 Questions 3 marks each
Section-D 2 Case Study-Based Questions 4 marks each
Section-E 3 Long Answer Questions 5 marks each
Total 33 Questions 70 Marks

Overall, there are no choices. However, some questions have provided internal choices. In such questions, students must choose only one alternative.

Difficulty Level:

Overall, the biology paper was moderate and slightly lengthy. Below, we are sharing the section-wise difficulty level of the Biology paper:

Sections Difficulty Level
Section-A Easy to Moderate
Section-B Moderate
Section-C Moderate
Section-D Moderate
Section-E Moderate to Tough

Student’s Reactions:

Students who appeared for the CBSE 12th Biology Board Exam 2024 said the question paper was moderately difficult and slightly lengthy. The paper was based on the format of a sample paper, and there were no out-of-syllabus questions. The question paper covers multiple expected and direct questions.

ALLEN Expert’s Review:

As per the experts from ALLEN Overseas, the CBSE Class 12 Biology paper was well-received by students.

  • Section A had a mix of objective-type questions covering theoretical and application-based concepts.
  • Section B contained fewer direct questions and was relatively easier.
  • Section C presented a blend of theoretical and application-based inquiries, including a few analytical questions of moderate complexity.
  • Section D contained two case-based questions, which were easy to solve.
  • Section E incorporated competency-based questions that emphasised concepts of application and analysis.

The level of the biology paper was moderate. MCQs were high-scoring. However, a few subjective questions were tricky and required critical thinking. It was a balanced question paper, combining application and memory-based questions. The questions ranged from simple to tricky but were mostly direct and simple. Overall, most questions were directly from the NCERT textbooks, which made it easier for students who had studied the prescribed syllabus thoroughly.

Biology Overseas Paper:

Below you will find the CBSE Class 12 2024 Biology Paper Set-3, Q.P. Code 57/2/3 in PDF.

We hope that the above analysis will be helpful to you. In addition, the board will release the CBSE Class 12 2024 Biology answer key.

Stay tuned for the latest updates related to the upcoming exams.

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