Students of ALLEN Overseas Outshined in JEE Main 2023 Session 1

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  • November 24, 2023
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ALLEN Overseas once again proved that sincere efforts, determination and desire bear outstanding results. With the JEE Main 2023 session 1 result, we have chartered another milestone in our 34-year-old rich academic success legacy. 25+ students of ALLEN Overseas have scored over 90 Percentile in the exam, making us proud. Our student, Ikrima Ahmed from Saudi Arabia, has achieved an outstanding 99.57 percentile, followed by Ethan Bobby of Kuwait at 99.31 percentile, Asmi Choudhary of Kuwait at 99.28Athul Krishna of UAE at 99.28 and Rayyan Simab of UAE at 99.14 percentile. Here we present our remarkable results of JEE Main 2023 Session 1.

JEE Main 2023 Session 1 Results:

ALLEN Overseas UAE:

Our UAE students mesmerised everyone with extraordinary accomplishments.15+ students have scored over 90 percentile. ALLENite Athul Krishna topped the charts with 99.28 percentile, followed by Rayyan Simab at 99.14 percentile, Panshul Humad at 98.91 percentile, Arjun Mallya at 98.59 percentile and Gautham at 98.27 percentile.

In addition, ALLENite Garvv Tatia scored 97.13 percentile, Akash Ganesh scored 97.04 percentile, Sarthak Bhudolia scored 96.78 percentile, Vishnu Roshan scored 96.59 percentile, Mayukha Mudgala scored 95.86 percentile and Lakshya scored 95.37 percentile.

Apart from them, ALLENite Shreeraam scored 94.61 percentile, Firdaus Ansari scored 93.53 percentile, Rewa Gopal scored 92.88 percentile, Sathya Sivakumar scored 91.81 percentile, Shreyaa Murali scored 90.82 percentile and Trisha scored 90.72 percentile.

ALLEN Overseas Kuwait:

Students of ALLEN Overseas Kuwait have made their mark with their marvellous performance. 4 students have scored over the 90 percentile. ALLENite Ethan Bobby achieved 99.31 percentile, followed by Asmi Choudhary at 99.28 percentile, Duggi Shanmukha at 96.15 percentile, and Parvathy Shine at 90.74 percentile.

ALLEN Overseas Oman:

ALLENites in Oman also performed exceptionally well, with Suhaas scoring 95.48 percentile, Rehan Shanavas scoring 93.20 percentile, and Ashly Skariah scoring 91.93 percentile.

ALLEN Overseas Saudi Arabia:

ALLENites of Saudi Arabia also outshined others, with Ikrima Ahmed scoring a staggering 99.57 percentile, followed by Asna Shafeeqa with 97.86 percentile and Mirza Ahmad with 92.54 percentile.

Team ALLEN Overseas extends our congratulations and regards to all the achievers. Keep up the good work. May you achieve your dream success in JEE Advanced 2023.

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