CBSE Class 12 2024 Mathematics Paper Analysis

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  • March 9, 2024
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The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) successfully conducted the Class 12 Board Mathematics exam today, March 9. The exam was held worldwide in a single shift from 10:30 AM to 01:30 PM. There were five sections in the exam, and the question paper carried a total of 80 marks.

Following the previous year’s trends, students appearing in the exam were informed to bring the admit card and identity card and were required to appear in school uniform at the examination center. They were also instructed to arrive at the examination center 30 minutes before the exam started.

We hope that students did well in the examination. In this blog, we will share the paper analysis, incorporating students’ and experts’ analysis.

CBSE Class 12 2024 Mathematics Paper Analysis:

The CBSE Board Class 12 Maths paper was considered moderate in difficulty. It consists of five sections and 38 questions. The maths paper analysis is based on the type of questions, difficulty level, and students’ feedback.

Section Difficulty Level
Section A Moderately Challenging
Section B Average
Section C Average
Section D Average
Section E Easy

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Reaction of Students:

  • Based on students’ reactions and reviews, the CBSE Class 12 maths paper was moderate to difficult in terms of difficulty level. Students find the questions well-balanced, combining simple and complex levels.
  • Students said most of the questions were asked from the NCERT syllabus, while a few mentioned that some were outside the NCERT and required conceptual understanding.
  • According to the students, the case-study questions were easy, whereas the multiple-choice questions were moderately challenging.
  • Most of the students found the question paper easy except some part.

Expert Review:

  • According to the ALLEN Overseas experts, the CBSE Class 12 Maths paper was moderate in difficulty level.
  • The MCQs were good and mix of challenging questions.
  • In comparison with previous years the case study section is quite easy.
  • The experts stated that the exam paper required strong conceptual knowledge and mind applications.
  • The exam paper adhered to the NCERT syllabus, with few exceptions that required advanced applications.

In short, the CBSE Class 12 Maths paper was a fair evaluation of both foundational knowledge and conceptual knowledge. The paper followed the expected pattern, i.e., a mix of easy, hard, and conceptual questions. Below in the table, we have shared the paper pattern:

Section Questions Marks
Section A


20 Questions 1 Mark Each
Section B

(Very Short Answer Type Questions)

5 Questions 2 Marks Each
Section C

(Short Answer Type Questions)

6 Questions 3 Marks Each
Section D

(Long Answer Type Question)

4 Questions 5 Marks Each
Section E

(Case-Based Questions)

3 Questions 4 Marks Each

The CBSE will release the Class 12 answer key on its official website. Students can visit and download the answer key.

Stay tuned with us for such informative content!

All the best for the upcoming exams.

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