CBSE Class 12 2024 Physics Question Paper & Analysis

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  • March 5, 2024

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) conducted the Class 12 2024 Physics exam on 4th March. So many candidates appeared for the exam, which was held for three hours, starting from 10:30 AM to 1:30 PM. An additional 15 minutes were given for reading the question paper. Now, after completing the Physics paper, students can assess their overall performance and evaluate the difficulty level of the paper. The paper included a good mix of theoretical and application-based questions, allowing students to demonstrate both conceptual understanding and problem-solving abilities. In this blog, we will provide a detailed paper analysis, including student feedback, expert reviews, and the difficulty level of the exam.

CBSE Class 12 2024 Physics Question Paper & Analysis:

Student’s Reaction:

Below, we are sharing students’ reactions to the Physics paper:

  • Although the paper was noted as lengthy and challenging, it was rated moderate in difficulty.
  • Students found the physics paper for Class 12 to be complex.
  • According to students, the paper was moderately difficult, with numerical questions particularly time-consuming but still manageable.
  • The paper contained many direct questions, along with a few tricky ones.
  • While most of the MCQs were easy, a few questions were tricky.
  • The paper’s numerical section was challenging as it required the application of various concepts and formulas to answer the questions. Direct formula-based questions were not asked in the exam.

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Expert Review:

According to the ALLEN expert review, the CBSE Class 12 2024 Physics paper conducted on 4th March was well-balanced and followed the syllabus. The paper comprised a good mix of theoretical and application-based questions, which allowed students to display their understanding of concepts and problem-solving skills. The difficulty level of the paper seemed moderate, and most questions were familiar with clear instructions. If students had revised well and practiced different types of questions, you would have found the paper manageable. Overall, students who prepared well shouldn’t have encountered any significant challenges. Stay positive and focus on your next exam.

Types of Questions:

The CBSE Class 12 Physics paper was divided into 5 sections. Below, we are sharing the number of questions and marks from each section:

Sections Number of Questions Marks Allotted
Section-A 16 (12 MCQs and 4 Assertion Reasoning) 16 (1 mark each)
Section-B 5 Questions 10 (2 marks each)
Section-C 7 Questions 21 (3 marks each)
Section-D 2 Case Study-Based Questions 8 (4 marks each)
Section-E 3 Long Answer Questions 15 (5 marks each)
Total 33 Questions 70 Marks

CBSE Class 12 Physics Overseas Paper:

Below you will find the CBSE Class 12 Physics Paper Set-2, Q.P. Code 55/2/2 in PDF.

CBSE Class 12 Physics Paper Analysis:

Overall, the paper was moderate to difficult. Below, the table shows the difficulty level of the Physics paper section by section.

Section Difficulty Level
Section A Easy to Moderate
Section B Moderate
Section C Moderate to Tough
Section D Moderate
Section E Moderate to Tough

We hope that the analysis provided above will be helpful to you. In addition, the board will release the CBSE 12th Physics answer key for 2024. This key will allow students to review the answers to questions from the Class 12 CBSE Physics exam. The official CBSE Physics answer key can be downloaded online via the official website.

Stay tuned for the latest updates on student reactions, expert feedback, and more regarding the CBSE Class 12 exams.

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